Washington County, Nebraska

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These vast and rolling prairies were as green then as now; the prairie flowers bloomed thickly and diffused their fragrance as bountifully. We are in the haunt of the redmen, with scarcely a trace of civilization. But what a contrast! Then all was as nature had formed it, with its variegated hues of vegetation; in winter a dreary snow-mantled desert, in summer a perfect paradise of flowers. Now all traces of the primitive are obliterated; in place of the tall prairie grass and tangled underbrush, one beholds the rich waving fields of golden grain and an almost endless sea of ripening corn. In place of the dusky warrior's rude cabins are the substantial and frequently elegant dwellings of the thrifty farmers, and the "iron horse," swifter than the nimble deer, treads the pathway so recently the trail of the red man. Then the sickle of fire annually cut away the wild herbage and drove to its death the stag, now it is the home of the cereals and nourishes on its broad bosom thousands of tons of the staple products of the great commonwealth of Nebraska. Then the storm drove the wolf to its hiding place; now the blast drives the herd of the husbandman to a warm and comfortable quarter. Indeed, the transformation is complete.

In place of an occasional steamboat stopping on the western shore of the Missouri to "wood-up," now one sees dozens of freight and passenger trains heavily laden with valuable freight and wide-awake passengers going and coming hither and von. What was sixty years ago styled in the common school geographies as "The Great American Desert," including, Nebraska, is now known as the Central Garden Spot of the West. Read more...

What's New in Washington County

Townships and Villages of the County
Arlington Township ~ Village of Arlington
Blair Township ~
Town of Blair<New>
De Soto Township ~ Village of De Soto <New>
Cuming City Township ~ Cuming City Town<New>
Fontanelle Township ~ Village of Fontanelle<New>
Fort Calhoun Township ~ Village of Fort Calhoun ~ Forth Calhoun Map <New>
Grant, Sheridan and Lincoln Precincts<New>
Herman Township ~ Village of Herman<New>
Richland Township ~ Village of Kennard<New>

People of Washington County
Departed Washington County, Nebraska Pioneers
~ 1920<New>
Historic Items of Washington County, Nebraska ~ 1920<New>
Attorneys of Washington County, Nebraska
~ 1920<New>
Physicians of Washington County, Nebraska
~ 1920<New>
Churches of Washington County, Nebraska ~ 1920<New>

Early De Soto Pioneers ~ 1920<New>
Secret Societies of Washington County, Nebraska<New>
Masons ~ Eastern Star
Odd Fellows ~ Rebekah
Knights of Pythias ~ Ancient Order of United Workman
Danish Brotherhood ~ Woodmen of America
Original Village Plats, Washington County, Nebraska<New>
Registered Farm Names, Washington County, Nebraska<New>

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Military of Nebraska
Military History of Washington County, Nebraska<New>
Spanish-American War ~ 1898<New>
Company E, Third Nebraska Regiment<New>
Great War ~1914-18<New>
Soldiers List ~ World War I (497 Names)<New>

County Resources
Washington County, Nebraska History<New>
Washington County, Nebraska Newspapers<New>

Washington County, Nebraska Government<New>
County Clerks ~ County Treasurers ~ County Sheriffs
Probate Judges ~ County Judges
County Surveyors ~ County School Superintendents
County Coroners ~ Clerk of the District Court
County Attorney ~ County Commissioners
Fort Calhoun and Atkinson, Washington County, Nebraska<New>

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History of Dodge and Washington Counties, Nebraska, Rev. William H. Buss and Thomas T. Osterman, Volume 1, The American Historical Society, Chicago, 1921.

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