Original Village Plats, Washington County, Nebraska

Since the organization of Washington County the following original village platting's have been executed, a number of which have long since been defunct:

DE SOTO, platted in section 27, township 18, range 12, by an act of the Legislature, March, 1855, having been surveyed out the autumn before by Dr. John Glover, Gen. J. B. Robinson, Potter C. Sullivan, E. P. Stout, William Clancy.

FORT CALHOUN was platted in sections 11 and 12, township 12, range 17. See its village history elsewhere.

COFFMAN, platted in section 31, township 17, range 13; it is a siding on the "Omaha" railway line, but not a place of importance.

WASHINGTON, platted in section 32, township 17, range 11, and is now an enterprising town and important station on the Northwestern Railway.

KENNARD, platted in section 5, township 17, range 11, is an excellent town today.

BLAIR, platted in sections 11 and 12, in township 18, range 11. It was platted by the officers of the Northwestern Railway Company (old F. E. & M. V.).

TYSON, platted in section 15, township 19, range 11; it is simply a railway siding.

HERMAN, platted in section 30, township 20, range 11, and was the result of the construction of the railway.

DALE, platted in section 26, township 17, range 10. Today there is a siding and a grain elevator at this point.

BOWEN, platted in section 14, in township 17, range 10.

VACOMA was platted in section 7, township 19, range 10. A county store is now located at that point today.

FLETCHER, platted in section 32, township 20, range 10. This also has a general store at this time.

TALBASTA, platted in sections 26 and 27, in township 19, range 9. It is a small hamlet with a store.

FONTANELLE, platted in sections 8, 9 and 17, by the old Ouincy Company, is situated in township 18, range 9. It now has a post office and store.

ADMAH, platted in section 34, township 20, range 9.

ARLINGTON, platted as Bell Creek, in section 12, township 17, range 9.

ORUM, platted in section 10, township 18, range 10.

CUMING CITY, platted in sections 34 and 35, township 19, range 11. A large part of this village plat has been vacated.

HUDSON was another early platting, in the extreme northeastern part of this county. It was one of the early paper towns and had much pioneer notoriety. It was heavily advertised in the East, and many lots sold at good prices. Even to this day, it is related, there are now and then inquiries from the far East about the town which has long since been in the midst of excellent farms. No trace of a village is to be seen, corn and wheat fields are there to be seen today.

The location of this much-talked-of "Town" was in the north half of sections 26 and 27, township 20, range 11, now within Herman Civil Township. It was platted and offered for sale by one William E. Walker, a schemer of the Eastern States.

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History of Dodge and Washington Counties, Nebraska, Rev. William H. Buss and Thomas T. Osterman, Volume 1, The American Historical Society, Chicago, 1921.

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