Registered Farm Names, Washington County, Nebraska

About 1910 the Legislature of Nebraska enacted a law ordering the county clerks of the state to keep in their offices a record book in which, for a small fee, any land-owner in the county might select a name for their farm, providing it was not already selected by another within the county-no two farms in a county to have the same name. In this county the following have taken advantage of this wise provision:

July 1, 1911, the first farm name was recorded in Washington County, that of S. W. Stewart in Lincoln Township, in section 13, township 18, range 10, the same to be styled "Cloverdale Farm."

"Pleasant Dale Stock Farm," September 11, 1911, in De Soto Township, in section 20, township 29, range 18, by W. D. Hughes.

"Green Valley Stock Farm," November 13, 1911, by A. D. Reeh & Sons, in the north half of the southwest quarter of the northwest quarter of section 13, township 18, range 10.

"Pine Valley Farm," by Henry Rohwer, in Calhoun Township, section 5, township 17, range 12, on December 21, 1911.

"Oak Hill Farm," December 28, 1912, by j. A. Dowden, in section 24, township 18, range 11.

"Woodlawn Farm," by Leslie E. Cooper, March 20, 1914, in Arlington Township, section 25, township 17, range 10.

"Hillcrest," by R. A. Davies, April 22, 1914, in Arlington Township, section 18, township 17, range 10.

"The Oaks," by J. A. Dixon, in section 18, township 17, range 10. "Pleasant View Farm," May 2, 1914, by C. L. Husk, in section 16, township 19, range 11.

"Golden Gate," in Arlington Township, in section 20, township 17, range 10, by Cortez U. Cook.

"Walnut Grove Farm," June 5, 1915, by Peter Peterson, in Richland Township, in sections 24, 25 and 26, of township 17, range 11.

"Fairview Farm," by Jens Christensen, in Blair Township, in section 28, township 18, range 11, September 18, 1915.

"Valley View Farm," in Blair Township, by Jens L. Petersen, in section 10, township 18, range 11, August 31, 1915.

"Plain View Farm," April 9, 1918, by John M. Compton, in section 27, township 19, range 11.

"College View Farm," by Nels Nelson, section 22, township 11, range 18.

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History of Dodge and Washington Counties, Nebraska, Rev. William H. Buss and Thomas T. Osterman, Volume 1, The American Historical Society, Chicago, 1921.

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