Joe Beck Family of Merrick County, Nebraska

Joe Beck Family
Joe Beck Family

I (Mrs. Joe Beck) am the former Rosalie Brand. My parents are Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brand of Silver Creek. I was born May 22, 1955, at Stromsburg, Nebraska, and have lived all my life in the Silver Creek community except for a brief period in Grand Island. I have one sister and four brothers, and am the youngest member of my family. I started to school as a kindergarten pupil at the Silver Creek Public School and in 1973 received my high school diploma from that school. While in school, I was active in extra-curricular activities such as volleyball, track, music, pep club, cheerleading and other activities. I also became a Christian during my teen years, and was active in the special services given by our teen church group under the instruction of Rev. Larry Sachau.

In 1974, 1 graduated from Grand Island School of Business. I worked at the Lutheran Hospital as an admittance clerk while attending school and for two months after finishing school. During May of 1974, I took employment as an insurance secretary for Drs. Dalton & Bass in Genoa, Nebraska, at which time I moved back to Silver Creek. At the present time I work occasionally as a substitute, and enjoy my work.

My husband, Joe, moved with his parents (Mr. and Mrs. Dale Beck) to the Silver Creek area in 1964 and entered the Silver Creek school as a fourth grade student. (Part of his childhood is given in the history of his parents in this book.) We were classmates until our high school graduation. Joe enjoyed horseback riding as he was growing up, along with the rest of his family. He also thoroughly enjoyed the sports of football and basketball while in school, and today is an avid TV sports spectator.

Joe and I were married on October 25, 1975, at the Silver Creek Methodist church by Rev. Ed Morrison. We are both active members of that church, having been Teen Church sponsors, served on administrative board, and I am presently teaching a Sunday School class.

We live a little over five miles north of Silver Creek along highway #39, in the home which we built while putting together wedding plans. We had people tell us that if we could build a house and plan a wedding at the same time, our marriage could survive anything. There were certain instances when we certainly understood what they meant!

Joe is a member of the Bar Lazy D partnership with his father and brother. They have a farming-ranching operation. Joe thoroughly enjoys what he is doing. He is fortunate that his occupation is also his hobby. Our home is located on this ranch.

We have two lovely daughters. Jody Marie is a busy, inquisitive four-year-old, having been born February 7, 1977. Her younger sister, Gayle Dawn, is an active one year old whose birth date is November 28, 1979.

Activities which we enjoy include an occasional skiing trip, horseback riding, visiting friends and relatives. Our family is close to one another. We feel fortunate that we are friends as well as relatives.

By Rosalie Beck


Merrick County Historical Society, History of Merrick County, Nebraska (1981), Volume I, Dallas, Texas : Taylor Publishing Company, 1981.

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