Central City High School Yearbooks, 1914-2015

The Central City Public Library has digitized numerous yearbooks of the Central City High School covering the years between 1914 and 2015. These yearbook images they have placed online for everyone at Internet Archive. To facilitate your access we have provided links to the individual yearbooks below, by year published, oldest to newest. All 89 of these yearbooks, can be read, and/or downloaded from the following links for free!

By 1885 Central City began to boom after the arrival of the Burlington & Missouri Railroad. In the process of growing the city built a brick high school and the Nebraska Central College. By the 1890s economic conditions began to deteriorate and the college closed. The college would reopen in 1899 under the auspices of the Society of Friends (Quakers) as economic conditions improved and in the early 1900s the Central City High School would be built.

There are missing issues between 1916 – 1919, and 1936 – 1942. On top of a depression, there was also paper shortage during some of this period. We are not certain if yearbooks were published during those years for Central City High School.

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