Dr. and Mrs. Goodall of Saline County

Dr. and Mrs. Goodall came to Saline County in 1871 from Iowa and settled a few miles from the Fillmore county line.

In those early days the Doctor had often to travel for miles over the open prairie in all kinds of weather, not even a blizzard deterred him from the duty of attending the sick. Probably no class of men in any profession is called upon to run greater risks to health and life than the doctors, and when to the common incidents of their calling there is added the hard experiences of the pioneer, no men deserve to my mind greater recognition.

Doctor Goodall being an enterprising man, he like our own Dr. Smith, was anxious to have the new country opened up to settlement, so he ventured in where others feared to tread; he opened a smithy and hired a blacksmith so that the farmers might not fail through their not being able to have their implements of peaceful warfare in working order; he commenced a store, and managed the Post Office for his community, any of which he gladly put into other hands when suitable persons were forthcoming. His one desire was the success of his community. Dr. and Mrs. Goodall are the parents of Mrs. Jennings so well known in connection with our High School Work.


Pioneer Stories of the Pioneers of Fillmore and adjoining Counties, by G. R. McKeith, Press of Fillmore County News, Exeter, Nebraska, 1915.

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