Johnanes Bader of Merrick County, Nebraska

Johanes Bader was born September 4, 1816, in Wurtenberg, Germany. He died April 12, 1897, in Merrick county, Nebraska. His wife, Elisabeth Studley, was born in the Province of Baden, Germany, and died October 23, 1897. They are buried in Zion Lutheran Church cemetery, Worms, Nebraska, located in western Merrick county. A son born in 1844 named Jacob was also born in Wurtenburg. He came with his parents to America in 1846, settling near new Philadelphia, Ohio. It is recorded that Jacob served with the United States Military during the Civil War, was taken prisoner by the southern army, and died serving his newfound country, and is buried at Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Their first daughter, Mary, was born in Ohio and died at a young age of food poisoning. Agnes Rose was born July 7, 1849. She died February 11, 1925, at Portland, Oregon, where she and her husband, Julius Koethe made their home.

John, Jr., was born October 10, 1851. He married Christine Buchfinck March 28, 1875, he died February 6, 1919, and she December 7, 1919. They are buried in Wiegert cemetery in eastern Hall county, Nebraska.

In 1854, Johnanes Bader and his family moved to Minnesota at Lernchet Creek in Huston county. Here Elizabeth Caroline was born on June 1 5, 1856. She died Jan. 17, 1943 in Oxnard, California. She was married to Richard Rebbe, born June 8, 1848. He died Jan. 17, 1917, at Spearfish, South Dakota.

Ludwig or Louis Bader was born at Lernchet Creek in Minnesota in 1858 and died in Oregon City, Oregon November 5, 1 957. His wife Mary (no record). They had an only daughter (Charlotte) who never married, and died August 21, 1959. She is buried in Portland, Oregon.

Of next-born Caroline we have no record, only that she married a Mr. Young and resided at one time in the Black Hills of South Dakota area.

In 1873, Johnanes and wife Elisabeth Studley came with their 5 children to Prairie Creek township in Merrick County, getting a Land Grant in Section 15, Township 13, Range 8. Later, their son John homesteaded fifty acres in Section 22.

In 1880, John Jr. purchased land in section 5 — township 13 — range 8. At this time, John Jr. moved with his family to this farm. Today this land still remains in the Bader family. A grandson of John Jr., Harold Bader and wife still own and continue to live on the farm.

Submitted by Harold Bader


Persinger, C. E., A History of Merrick County, Nebraska: From “the Beginning” to 1895, Dallas, Texas : Taylor Publishing Company, 1981.

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