Albert & Minnie Blauhorn Family of Merrick County, Nebraska

I was born September 30, 1897, son of Julius and Marie (Buss) Blauhorn, who came here from Germany in 1885.

My wife Minnie was born on October 14, 1896, to Joseph and Mary (Abel) Garrett. Her parents came from Ohio and Iowa to Nebraska.

Minnie attended District #55, Sunrise School. Each member of the family worked on the farm. There was a pond in the pasture that provided year-round entertainment, especially winter ice-skating for friends and family.

Before we were married, Minnie worked for Perry’s Bakery in Central City and for neighbors during the 1918 influenza epidemic.

I attended District #43. I also helped with many farm chores. When I was older, I worked for other farm neighbors. I have always had a love for horses and have had many good times riding them.

In 1919, I started to farm. After a three-year courtship with Minnie in horse and buggy and Model T Ford, we were married on June 8, 1921. I built a new home for my bride on my farm four miles east of Palmer where we lived till 1964 when we sold the farm to a nephew. We then built a home in Central City where we now live.

Minnie and I have three daughters, Mrs. Buddy (Winona) Tuttle of Marquette, Mrs. John (Betty) Glause of Chapman, and Mrs. Alton (Fern) Jacobsen of Hastings. We have two grandsons, seven granddaughters, seven great-grandsons, and three great-granddaughters.

Minnie and I worked side by side on the farm shocking grain, picking corn by hand. We always had lots of chickens and milked cows by hand. We started farming with one-row equipment and on to two-row riding machinery. In 1939, we bought our first tractor, and in 1947, a bigger tractor, combine, and corn-picker. When we retired, farmers were starting to use self-propelled equipment. For enjoyment, I played on a Saturday baseball team. Minnie has always loved being a faithful worker in the missionary society. The 1929 depression and the drought of the thirties will always be remembered.

After moving to Central City, I worked a year as a reporter for the A.S.C.S., while Minnie settled in her new home. In 1966, we both went to work for Merrick Manor for seven years.

In June 1971, we had an open house celebration for our Golden Wedding at the Archer Zion United Methodist Church where we have been faithful members since 1927. We drive out each Sunday to attend the church we love. There are four generations of our family that belong to this church at this time.

Each Christmas we have a dinner for our daughters and their families who can attend. There are now thirty-four of us. The one tradition we hope our family will always remember is our Christmas devotions where each family participates. This is a meaningful time before our gift exchange.

Life has been good and for that, we thank our God.

Submitted by Albert Blauhorn

Albert Blauhorn Family
Albert Blauhorn Family


Merrick County Historical Society, History of Merrick County, Nebraska (1981), Volume I, Dallas, Texas : Taylor Publishing Company, 1981.

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