Newman Grove School

History of Other Towns in Madison County, Nebraska

Newman Grove School
Newman Grove School

Blakely Post Office is situated on mostly level prairie. It was established in 1880, George B. Rouse being appointed first Postmaster. Mr. Blake was the first settler, in 1871; others were Messrs. Hutchins, Reynolds, Snow and Derry. The first birth was that of Mary Hamley, in August, 1871. E. Rouse taught the first school. Except the post office, there is only a blacksmith shop here.

Warren Post Office is situated in the northwest part of the county, on the Elkhorn River. O. P. Goodrich, Postmaster. It is surrounded by a fine grazing section, and near it is some excellent farming land.

Emerick Post Office is located in the western part of the county, near the head of Battle Creek. It was established in May, 1873, Charles Letheby being appointed first Postmaster, and was named later John Emerick, one of the old settlers in the vicinity. The first schoolhouse was built here in 1874, and the first school was taught in 1875 by L. C. Docker. A store was opened here in October, 1880, by J. L. Grant, one of the oldest settlers in the place.

Kalamazoo is a post office in the southern part of the county. It is surrounded by a fine farming and well-settled country. C. D. Jenkins is the present Postmaster.

Newman Grove is situated in the extreme southwest corner of the county, in Shell Creek Valley. This valley contains some of the finest farming lands in the county. The first settler was Newman Warren, who located in 1864. He died in 1867. John Blomfeel, Nils Nilson and William Mancoe came in 1866. First birth was Lewis M. Hovland, born in 1877. First marriage, George B. Hovland and Jennie Simonson, on April 13, 1876. A schoolhouse was built in 1872, and a church in 1881. A post office was established in 1874, G. J. Hamre, Postmaster, who also opened the first store.

Munson is a post office and railroad station on the O. N. & B. H. R. R., about seven miles north of Madison.

Clarion, in the central part of the county, Dry Creek, in the northwestern, and Deer Creek, in the northern, are country post office.

Source: Andreas, A. T. History of the State of Nebraska, p. 1102. Chicago: The Western Historical Company. 1882.

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