Fourth Street, Albion, Nebraska

History of Albion Nebraska

The early history of Albion and the county are closely connected. As has been shown, the first settlements in the county were made on the town site, and since that time it has continued to be the center of trade. It was platted October 9, 1872; by Loran Clark and surveyed by George W. Newberry. The land platted was located on the northwest quarter of Section 22, Township 20 north, of Range 6 west. July 6, 1877, Mansfield‘s Addition was recorded, and, on the 5th of December, of the same year, Clark‘s Addition was made. In 1879, Clark, Connelly & …

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1885 Map of Madison and Battle Creek Nebraska

History of Battle Creek, Madison County, Nebraska

This flourishing town is situated on Battle Creek, about one mile above its junction with the Elkhorn. It is surrounded by level prairie, better adapted to grazing and meadow than to the raising of cereals, though the soil is rich, and, where plowed, produces excellent corn. The town site, at the time of the laying-out of the town by J. D. Hoover, belonged to a company, consisting of F. J. Hale, John F. Tiedgen, Hogrefe and P. J. Neil. The first buildings erected were a store and dwelling combined, by F. J. Hale; a hotel, by John F. Tiedgen; a …

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Early Settlements in Madison County, Nebraska

The first explorers of Madison County of whom we have any account, were two Germans from Jefferson County, Wisconsin, who left their homes September 1, 1865, to look for new homes in Nebraska. They came here by way of St. Joseph, Missouri, Omaha, Elkhorn City, Fontanelle and West Point. Here they hired a team to take them to the North Fork of the Elkhorn. Eight miles above West Point, the most advanced settler was found. Passing on, they reached their destination September 15. These two pioneers were Herman Braasch and Frederick Wagner. After selecting a location for a colony with …

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