CB and Q Depot in Brunswick Nebraska, 1969

History of Antelope County, Nebraska

Burlington & Missouri River Railroad Lands In 1860, the United States made land grants to the U. P. R. R. and the B. & M. R. R., giving them every odd-numbered section within twenty miles each way from the central lines of their respective roads when located. It came to pass after the lines were located that in certain places, especially at the junction of the two roads, near Old Fort Kearney, north of the B. & M. And south of the U. P., these two belts overlapped each other. It then became a question as to whose lands these …

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1890s Sod House in Southern Boone County

Biography of W. H. Miner

W. H. Miner came from Illinois in 1870 and located on the North West quarter of Section 12, Town 8, Range 1, West, and lived through the first summer in a tent, which became a well known land mark and place of call for many of the incoming settlers. That was the time when this country side was one vast open plain without a house or tree, the wild animals being glad of any shade afforded them by the kindly weeds. An antelope was so enjoying what shads a large sunflower could give when Mr. Miner crept up and shot …

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Methodist Church in Oakdale Nebraska as it appears today

History of Oakdale Nebraska

This flourishing town is situated in the southeast part of the county, on the south bank of Cedar Creek, about one mile west of its confluence with the Elkhorn, at an elevation of about 1,600 feet above the level of the sea. It was named “Oakdale” from the fact of its existence of considerable quantities of oak timber, on Cedar Creek, above its location, at the time of the first visits of the early pioneers. The town site was laid out by I. N. Taylor in 1872. The first settler here was B. C. Palmer, from Illinois, who came in …

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