Original Village Plats, Dodge County, Nebraska

Original Village Plats Dodge

The original village platting's in Dodge County, according to the plat book records at the courthouse, are as follows:

Fremont was originally platted in the summer of 1856 and filed for record January 6, 1857, by the Fremont Town Lot Company, James G. Smith acting for such company. The Government had not as yet surveyed the land in this vicinity at that date, hence in platting the surveyor described the location as being so many rods and chains, from the guide-line, or to a point to the south which had been surveyed. The Military Road which runs east and west through the city was not surveyed true, and the original platting of Fremont conformed to that, consequently the streets and alleys of the present city are not square with the compass by a few degrees. As now surveyed and described, the city stands on sections 22 and 23, township 17, range 8, east of the sixth principal meridian.

Hooper was platted by John I. Blair, February 15, 1871. It is located on the east half of section 17, and the northeast quarter of section 20, township 19, range 8.

North Bend was platted October 12, 1867, by S. S. Caldwell, M. S. Cotterell and the Union Pacific Railroad Company in sections 6 and 7, of township 17, range 6.

Scribner was platted December 6, 1870, by John I. Blair, on the north half of section 31, township 20, range 7.

Pebble was platted September 19, 1870, by J. B. and H. J. Robinson and their wives. It is located in section 36, township 20, range 6.

Dodge was platted August 10, 1886, by the Western Town Lot Company, in the west half of section 8, township 20, range 5.

Snyder was platted August 5, 1886, by the Western Town Lot Company in the southwest quarter of section 18, township 20, range 6.

Nickerson was platted by John I. Blair, January 13, 1871, on the northeast quarter of section 13, township 18, range 8.

Crowell was platted or filed for record, December 22, 1883, by the Elkhorn Land and Town Lot Company. It was surveyed and located in the southwest quarter of section 2, and the north half of section 11, township 20. range 6.

Uehling was platted December 6, 1895, by Theodore Uehling and Frank B. Hutchens, in section 3, township 20, range 9, east.

Winslow was platted by the Sioux City and Ashland Development Company, in section 22, township 19, range 8, east, December 1, 1895.

Ames was platted (second time) December 18, 1913, by N. J. Johnson and Albert D. Graham and wife. Location, section 9, township 23.


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Source: History of Dodge and Washington Counties, Nebraska, Rev. William H. Buss and Thomas T. Osterman, Volume 1, The American Historical Society, Chicago, 1921.

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