Odd Fellows Lodges of Dodge County, Nebraska

Odd Fellowship is well represented in the various places of Dodge County. Its membership is large and the interest in the order is deep and productive of much good in the county.

Without regard to the chronology of the time in which these various lodges of the "three-linked-brotherhood" were organized, the following account of the order will be given:

North Bend Lodge No. 161

North Bend Lodge was organized May 12, 1888, with charter members as follows:

A. B. Elwood
Isaac Banghart
L. C. Holmes
Van Banghart
J. E. Newsom
Harry Fertig
Joseph Datel
S. J. Fertig
W. W. Roberts
Joseph Hodgin
Harry Bogge

This Odd Fellows Lodge has a present total membership of 102. Its present officers include:

Roy Lamby, noble grand
J. C. Mines, vice-grand
Frank Howe, secretary
V. W. Jansen, treasurer

A lodge hall is owned by the order in block 44 of the North Bend City platting, a portion of which is used for store purposes.

Nickerson Lodge No. 390

Nickerson Odd Fellows Lodge No. 390 was organized June 17, 1920, with a charter membership as follows:

George W. Hansell
Cordie F. Diercks
John W. Ward
W. H. Routh
Don D. Hill
Ernest Sexton
George S. Robertson
Peter W. Johnson
Fred Brackett
Bert L. Sidel

The first and also present elective officers are:

Noble grand, John W. Ward
Vice-grand, Ernest Sexton
Secretary, George W. Hansell
treasurer, Bert L. Sidel

The present membership, is seventeen. This is the last Odd Fellows Lodge organized in Dodge County.

Centennial Lodge of Odd Fellows No. 59

This lodge was organized April 19, 1876, and had charter members as follows:

Martin Higgins
A. B. Dawson
Milton Cook
John McCarn
John Stein
Charles Mitchell
William Durkee
Jackson Lee
Morris Davidson
Wilbur Roseman
George Ruggles

The present total membership of this lodge is 332. The third floor of the Farmers and Merchants Bank Building is owned and occupied by this order for lodge room uses.

The 1920 elective officers are:

L. M. Nichols, Noble Grand
Edward Bentz, Vice-Grand
Milard Steen, Secretary
Fred Bader, Treasurer

 Other lodges of this order are those at North Bend and Nickerson, both within Dodge County.

The auxiliaries, the Canton and Rebekah degree lodges, are also well represented in Fremont.

Rebekah Degree Lodges of I. O. O. F.

Both Fremont and North Bend have auxiliaries to the Odd Fellows Order, the same being the two Rebekah lodges.

Golden Rule Lodge

Golden Rule Lodge of Rebekahs No. 59, at the City of Fremont, was organized March 26, 1891, and now enjoys a total membership of 331. The charter members were as follows:

I. P. Gage
M. G. Cook
P. Peterson
C. A. Ryan
Rila Ryan
C. C. Pollard
H. H. Pratt
E. Nilson
T. W. Gibson
J. H. Williams
H. L. Goodrich
T. J. McKinney
Ida H. McKinney
Carl B. Elsworth
O. H. P. Shively
F. M. McGiven
Rose McGiven
T. L. Nesbit
J. C. Knudsen
C. O. Pillsbury
A. Truesdell
A. C. Jensen Sr.
B. F. Stouffer
Arthur Gibson
Jennie A. Gibson
George F. Wolz
Maggie Wolz
Jennie Lee
J. C. Lee
C. Christensen
Maria Christensen
Manly Rogers
Mariah Rogers
George L. Loomis
Alice H. Loomis
W. J. Bullock
Nellie Bullock
Estella Baldwin
Bela Baldwin
J. V. N. Biler
Theresa Biler
Gilmore King
Ida L. King
Samuel Sickel
C. H. Perrigo
Mrs. Perrigo
Josephine Elliott
O. D. Harms
Charles H. May
J. A. Sill
F. I. Elick
W. H. Fowler
J. S. Seeley
P. B. Cumings
E. Schurman
Henry Breitenfelt
Nannett McCam
S. F. Moore
Nora F. Moore
Cora M. Smith
L. B. Smith
Thomas Frahm
Rickia Tully
Otto Hueitti
Charles Balduff Sr.
George A. Murrell
Nancy L. Murrell
W. C. Wiley
George Easier

First elective Officers

Ida H. McKinney, Noble Grand
Jennie A. Gibson, Vice-Grand
Nannett McCam, Secretary
Maggie Wolz, Treasurer

Present (1920) Elective Officers

Evelyn Lane, Noble Grand
Ella Eickhoff, Vice-Grand
Emma Balduff, Secretary
Clara Stewart, Treasurer

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Source: History of Dodge and Washington Counties, Nebraska, Rev. William H. Buss and Thomas T. Osterman, Volume 1, The American Historical Society, Chicago, 1921.

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