Modern Woodmen of America ~ Dodge County, Nebraska

This is one of the numerous mutual beneficiary life insurance orders which of recent years has become very popular. The Woodmen of the World and the Modern Woodmen of America, rivals in a way of each other, are both represented in Dodge and Washington counties to quite an extent.

Snyder Lodge No. 470

This lodge of the Modern Woodmen of America was organized May 25, 1898, and had for its charter members these persons:

R. O. Junghand
Carl Schneider
A. J. Schneider
Otto Sievers
E. Sievers
Claudi Wendorf
David Weggund
Claus Plahn
Jens Peterson
Emil Zalm

The present membership is seventeen, in good standing: The 1920 officers are: Venerable consul, William J. Wolsleger; advisor, Doctor Mead; banker, Otto Sweres; clerk, Claudi Wendorf; escort. Otto Dallman; watchman, Fred Bilke.

Connected with this lodge is also an auxiliary by the ladies of members of this lodge. At present Mrs. Will Wolsleger is clerk of the auxiliary.

North Bend Lodge

This lodge of the Modern Woodmen of America was organized June 14, 1889. The charter members were as follows:

E. E. Davis
C. K. Watson
Ernest Kern
S. J. Hyatt
Ira Doane
J. A. Newal
J. E. Newsom
H. G. Snyder
C. O. Armstead
Peter Gillis
O. M. Scott
F. S. Millar
C. W. Dodge
Robert Wyatt
John Ross
Burlingame Walker
J. H. Chalmers
F. S. King
A. E. Kemper
Harry Walker
A. J. Siders
F. J. Kastle
G. O. Dodge

The present total membership of this lodge is 221. The first and 1920 elective officers are as follows:

First Officer Title 1920 Officers
E. E. Davis Consul M. L. Tharp
Ernest Kern Advisor R. G. Miner
M. G. Snyder Banker R. H. Haverfield
S. J. Hyatt Escort H. A. Millar
C. O. Armstead Secretary  C. C. Frahm
J. E. Newsom Watchman C. C. Frahm
Ira Doane Physician P. R. Howard
.... Past Consul A. W. Millar

The present trustees are: F. S. Millar, James Coen, E. H. Rector.

Ancient Order of United Workmen

This is the oldest of all the fraternal insurance orders that have ever been instituted in the United States. It was formed by laboring men at Meadsville, Pennsylvania, in 1868, and now has its members in all parts of America by the tens of thousands. Millions of dollars have been paid to beneficiaries in the last half century and more. All other similar institutions have been patterned after this order. This lodge provides for $2,000 to be paid upon proof of death, and thus far they have never failed to pay within thirty days, the limit.

Fremont Lodge No. 23

This lodge was organized at the City of Fremont, December 8, 1883. Its original members were:

F. M. Smith
N. H. Brown
A. E. Stewart
A. G. Weander
H. D. Brooks
A. O. Noreen
C. C. Beverage
E. J. Boyd
S. R. Patten
R. C. Vaughn
B. F. French
W. G. Yost
S. L. Cleland
H. K. Middekauff
P. D. Denney

The present (1920) total membership of this lodge is fifty. Other lodges of this order are found at Nickerson, Hooper, Scribner, Snyder, Dodge and North Bend.

First Elective Officers

H. D. Brooks, Master Workman
H. K. Middekauff, Recorder
B. F. French, Financier
E. G. Boyd, Treasurer
N. H. Brown, Trustees

1920 Officers

C. K. Coleman, Master Workman
C. R. Shaffer, Recorder and Financier
A. K. Dame, Treasurer
Louis Hanson, Trustee

Hooper Lodge No. 226

Ancient Order United Workmen Lodge No. 226 was organized at Hooper January 8, 1892, and now has a membership of fifty-one. The first or charter members of this lodge were inclusive of the following persons:

Frank Hegenbotham
Angus Philips.
John Ring
Bernard Monnich
C. E. Ingelsby
T. W. Lyman
E. W. Renkin
John McKeage
Fred Bruse
Fred F. Heine
W. Adkins
Fred Burbank
George W. Sweigard
A. E. Tunberg
H. D. Dodendorf
W. E. Wilson
J. L. Alperstead
William Borkenhagen
Carl Kahlbeck
Charles Buckolz
J. D. Stroup
E. W. Renkin
Louis Edelman
Dan C. Foley
George W. Wolcott

This lodge leases its hall and has regular meetings. Of its first and present (1920) elective officers the subjoined is a list:

First Officer Title Present Officers
John Ring Past Master Workman John Edelmaire
Angus Philips Master Workman W. C. Springer
E. W. Renkin Foreman W. F. Bayer
Bernard Monnich Overseer Frank H. Nelson
C. E. Ingelsby Recorder  John Ring
T. W. Lyman Treasurer A. E. Tunberg
John McKeage Guide Lester O. Jeffer
Fred Bruse Inside Watch A. E. Tunberg
Fred F. Heine Outside Watch Christ Dethelfsen

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Source: History of Dodge and Washington Counties, Nebraska, Rev. William H. Buss and Thomas T. Osterman, Volume 1, The American Historical Society, Chicago, 1921.

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