Military History of Dodge County, Nebraska

Dodge County was not settled early enough to have a large enough population during the period of the Civil war to have sent many soldiers to that conflict. Her spirit of loyalty was, however, manifested to a good degree and all that could be spared manfully offered their services in defense of their country's flag. What few enlisted from this county were credited to Omaha and other points in the state, as no full company was sent from Dodge County.

When the war had ended and victory was to the North and the slaves of the Southland were forever free, came that awful blow to the nation when President Lincoln was assassinated by J. Wilkes Booth, April 14, 1865. At Fremont solemn memorial services were held in the Congregational Church, an account of which appears under the head of "Days of Mourning." With few exceptions the people in this county were loyal and did what they could to support the men in the field. With the exception of a few Indian scares after the Civil war ended. Dodge County and this part of Nebraska in general were at peace with all mankind until the difficulty arose between the United States and Spain in 1898.

The Spanish-American War

In the month of April, 1898, in Havana harbor, the warship Maine belonging to the United States was sunk and many lives lost and it was later proven to have been the work of Spain. From this incident war was declared on Spain by Congress under the administration of President William McKinley. It was largely a marine warfare and after a few weeks ended in the complete destruction of the Spanish war fleet in Manila Bay. The result of this short, decisive war was the independence of Cuba and the Philippines, and the haughty spirit of Spain broken. President McKinley, so far as available, used the National Guards for soldiers for the army he raised in so few weeks and which did such splendid service, both on land and sea. (See below.)

Roster of Dodge County Soldiers

The following list of officers and men who saw service in the Spanish-American war in 1889 from Dodge County has been compiled from the Adjutant-General's reports of Nebraska, and in the main may be considered correct. (These men served in Company F, Third Nebraska Regiment):

McVicker, William J., aged 47 years. North Bend
First Lieutenant
Cummings, Peter B., aged 36, Fremont
Second Lieutenant
Thompson, William O. aged 30, Fremont
First Sergeant
Abbott. John W. C, aged 33, Fremont
Quartermaster Sergeant
Breitling, August W., aged 36, Fremont
Fuchs, Carl, aged 22, Fremont
Seider, Ernest, aged 18, Fremont
Benson, Albert P., aged 40, Fremont
Burns, Willis P., aged 28, Scribner
Cook, Artie E., aged 21, Fontenelle
Cruickshank, George C, aged 22, North Bend
Jeffries, Solomon G., aged 29, Hooper
Mines, Herman A., aged 29, North Bend
Simmons, Charles D., aged 33, North Bend
Sweet, Clarence, aged 22, Fremont
Wilbur, Claude, aged 26, North Bend
Williams, Wm. M., aged 19, Fremont
Panbone, Myron, aged 29, North Bend
Glenn, Guy, aged 20, Fremont
Scott, Elmore J., aged 25. North Bend
Becker, Otto, aged 32, Fremont
Baughman, Charles, aged 24, Arlington.
Burtz, Charles, aged 20, Fremont.
Burtz, Henry, aged 22, Fremont.
Cantiln, George, aged 26, Fremont.
Collins, Millard, aged 40, Ames.
Cook, Guy, Nickerson.
Elm, William, aged 29, Fremont.
Esplin, Lucius, aged 21, Ames.
Evans, Phinander C, aged 21, Fremont.
Gorey, Thomas J., Jr., aged 23, North Bend.
Hall, Nelson, aged 23, Fremont.
Haverfield, Hayes, aged 20, North Bend.
Jarmin, Harry aged 20, Fremont.
Jones, Ira F., aged 21, Nickerson.
Karges, John, aged 27, Ames.
Krotchvel, John, aged 27, Dodge.
Lehman, Charles, aged 21, North Bend.
Lehman, James, aged 25, North Bend.
Leist, Jacob, aged 23, North Bend.
Leist, John, aged 24. North Bend.
Loss, Isaac, aged 32, Fremont.
Manzel, Charles, aged 22, Fremont.
Meier, Henry W., aged 21, Hooper.
Nelson, Chris, aged 18, Fremont.
Olsen, Chris, aged 27, Hooper.
Olsen, Lars, aged 32, Fremont.
Petersen, John F., aged 26, Fremont.
Pfaff, Daniel W., Hooper.
Saare, Alfred H., aged 26, Scribner.
Skippes, Fred, aged 32, Hooper.
Strayer, George W., aged 29, North Bend.
Strayer, Chauncy, aged 22, North Bend.
Troutt, Henry M., aged 24, North Bend.
Ulrich, John, aged 34, Dodge.
Head, Charles, aged 22, Everett. Died September 3, 1898, in hospital.
Underhill, Charles, aged 38, Scribner.
Zajicek, Joseph, aged 27, Dodge.
Zellers, William M., aged 18, Hooper.

These two soldiers from Dodge County sacrificed their lives:
William O. Thompson, aged 30 years, Fremont, died September 12, 1898.
Charles Head, died in the hospital.

The World War

This, the greatest war ever waged on the globe, was fought on European soil between the German Empire and a score and more of allied nations, including the United States of America. For an extended account of the causes and final outcome of this conflict the military chapter in the Washington County section of this work will treat fully, hence is omitted in this connection.

Dodge County did its full share in this Great War for Democracy and in trying to forever obviate more wars on the face of the earth. Life was sacrificed and much material wealth expended between April, 1917, and 1919, when the war ended its active field operations.

Roster of Dodge County Soldiers

The following is the "Honor Roll" or roster of soldiers who served in the late World war from Dodge County, Nebraska, as far as the present county records show. It may be stated, however, that a number more went from the county but entered the service outside this county, hence were not credited here. For additional names of those known to have enlisted away from this county, see later. No absolute list has ever been compiled as yet by either Nebraska or the War Department at Washington, but the following roster must stand for the time being as correct a list as there is data from which to compile one:

Abel, Paul Charles
Abraham, Arthur H.
Ackermann, Frederick Wm.
Adams, Frank B.
Adams, John L.
Adams, Roscoe C.
Alberts, Herman
Allen, Harry H.
Allen, Lewis Wm.
Anaston, Tom
Anderson, Clarence R.
Anderson, Dale
Anderson, Jacob Peter
Anderson, Robert W.
Andrews, Forest Le Roy
Archard, Dwight Abner
Arnold, Harry Allen
Arps, William Charles
Arthur, Lloyd Keith
Ashenbrenner, Albert
Augustus, Frederick H.
Baker, Harlan K.
Baldwin, Arthur
Bart, Edward
Basler, Wm. F. J.
Bates, Bruce
Bauer, Peter L.
Bauman, Charles D.
Bauman, Edwin George
Bayer, Henry August
Baza, John
Beach, Earl Glendy
Beachler, Fred L.
Beachler, Leo Henry
Beaty, Edward Floyd
Beers, Raymond
Behrens, Fred Henry
Benfiel, Robert M.
Bennett, Marshall
Benson, Roy A.
Benton, George A.
Berry, Jettie Frank
Bicak, Joseph
Blair, Glenn Dale
Blakslee, Edwin Wilder
Block, David Michael
Block, Emil E.
Bodell, Myron Lorne
Boehler, Leonard Victor
Bogner, Emil Mike
Boldt, Alfred C.
Book, Joseph William
Borcherding, Martin A.
Borg, Gustav Adolph
Bowersox, Franklin Peter
Boyd, Wilmer Warnock
Bradley, Frank P.
Brandert, August Henry
Brannon, Clyde R.
Brazda, Daniel Steven
Brokenicky, Frank John
Bronson, Leonard G.
Brooke, Harry T.
Brown, Clarence Albert
Brown, Erma
Brown, George Raymond
Brown, John H.
Brown, Thomas Gilbert
Brown, Thomas John
Brudeen, Charles A.
Brunning, Wm. George
Bruton, Wm. Wilson
Buck, Carl Francis
Bucklin, Irving Barrett
Bullock, Charles
Bullock, Frank
Bunker, Hubert Andrew
Burke, John Joseph
Burnham, Leland Alfred
Busch, John Ernest
Busch, Wm. M. A.
Butterfield, Clarence
Cain, John
Campbell, Geo. D.
Campbell, Lynn Gerner
Campsey, Joseph
Capesius, Peter
Carlson Albert Gustave
Carlson, John Edwin
Carpenter, Donovan Harry
Carpenter, Earl A.
Carroll, John A.
Carstenes, Ralph
Carstens, Alfred Hugo
Carstens. Frank Wm.
Cavender, Frank Edson
Cery, Lewis
Challman, Jr., Samuel K.
Chambers, Charles H.
Chambers, Thorne E.
Chapman, John Jose
Chapman, Wm. F.
Chapman, Wm. Thomas
Chappell, Roy Henry
Chard, Welton Peter
Chase, John Warren
Cheney, Byron Malcolm
Cheney, Robert
Chism, Clinton Roy
Christensen, Albert
Christensen, Anton
Christensen, Frank
Christensen, Fred
Christensen, Henert N.
Christensen, Martin C.
Clark, Ed Alden
Clement, Albert
Clevenger, Harry Horace
Coash, Tenis Philip
Cobble, Beaureguard B.
Cobble, Houston I.
Cochran, Thomas Murray
Cohn, Louis
Cohn, Samuel Francis
Comer, Isaac.
Connelly, Emmet L.
Conrad, Benjamin Franklin
Controres, Francisco
Cook, Addison Benj.
Copple, Sumner E.
Cotterell, Roy
Courtright, Carroll C.
Cover. Joseph
Cregg, Fred
Crocker, Louis Ray
Croghan, Cecil La Verne
Crooks, Carroll E.
Crowder, Ernest Guy
Curran, Edward Francis
Curran, Leo Leonard
Curran, William John
Curry, James H.
Curtis, George Logan
Cuseck, Harry C.
Cushman, Chelsea C.
Cusick, Clarence
Dahl, Clarence Henry
Dake, Charles
Dana, Jr., Herbert R.
Danner, Fred A.
Dau, Peter John
Daubert. Edward
Daum, Frank Joseph
Davis, Elwin Clair
Davis, Glenn Burnie
Davis, William Lewis
Demsey, Leo Joseph
Dengler, Frederich A.
Denham, Sanford Ray
Diederich, Michael
Divine, James Curtiss
Dobrovolny, Jaroslay
Dodge, Herbert G.
Doerr, De Forest J.
Doerr, Glenn H.
Doerr, Harold Frank
Dolan, Edward M.
Dolberg, Oscar
Donegan, Frank A.
Dorr, Burton Leland
Douglas, Clinton H.
Doyle, Patrick Ambrose
Draemel, Harry O. G.
Drake, Earl Le Roy
Draper, Arthur R.
Duffield, Clarence A.
Duhigg, Michal J.
Durham, Donald
Dworak, Frank
Easter, Earl Joseph
Edelmaier, Raymond A.
Edelman, Louis H.
Egbers, Carl
Egbers, Willie
Ehlers, Edwin E.
Ehlers, Walter H.
Ehlers, Wm. John
Ehninger, E. R.
Eidam, Clarence C.
Ellerbrock. Orville R.
Emanuel, Patrick T.
Emerson, Joseph
Emerson, Paul
Endicotte, Jesse J.
Ernest, Tom
Eskilsen, Stanley J.
Estergard, Thomas
Evanoff, Vasil
Farley Harry G.
Farmer, Earl Roy
Farnloff, Ben Eugene
Farrari, Jacob
Farrell, Leonard J.
Feinauer, William
Ferguson, Harry Jay
Ferree, Charles
Fitzsimmons, Lovane L.
Fitzsimmons, Rollin J.
Fleckenstine, William Vincent
Flick, Charles R.
Flor, Martin E.
Flora, Grover Cleveland
Foley, John Patrick
Forest, James M.
Foutes, George Gust
Fowler, Alfred W.
Fowler, James Humphrey
Fraggos, George
Franks, Harold L.
Fredericks, Harry
Frederickson, Edward William
Frederickson. Axel A.
Frost, Hubert M.
Frost, Irving K.
Fry, Harry Wesley
Gaddie, Charles Edwin
Gage, Frank Wheaton
Gage, Ralph Harold
Gahagen, Guy Calander
Gaines, Clyde Cecil
Garfield, George Perry
Garfield, Leo Eugene
Garrison, John
Gasnike, Jo
Gaughen, Michael R.
Gerke, William
Gerwick, George F.
Gibson, Charles Marion
Gilmore, Hubert Leonard
Ginakis, William G.
Gleason, James J.
Golding, Joe K.
Gorey, Michael
Goss, Carl
Gottsch, Henry F.
Graham, Kent Wallace
Green, Russell E.
Gribas, George
Grubbs, Heavey W.
Guefifroy, Charles H.
Gumb, Phillip G.
Gunderman. Stuart A.
Gunther, Joseph
Gutch, Jr., WilHam
Hackstock, Louis
Hager, Ely Benjamin
Hager, Lester Roy
Hagerbaumer, William A.
Hainer, William
Haines, John R.
Hammond, Le Ross
Hammond, Ross Everett
Hansen, Adolph
Hansen, Edward B.
Hansen, James
Hansen, Otto Christian
Hansen, Peter J.
Hansen, Roy Carl
Hansen, Walter
Hanshel, Herman H.
Hanson, Arthur
Hanson, James Rogers
Hanson, Louis Peter
Hanson. Donald Everett
Harms, August Frank
Harrison, Bailey W.
Hartman, Paul Chauncey
Harton, Omar A.
Hartwig, Herman John
Hartwig, Wm. F.
Hasen, Jens Marinus
Haslam, George Alfred
Hatch, Orville Ernest
Hatcher, James Floyd
Hauser, Herbert Saunders
Hausner, Gerald
Hausner, William George
Havel, Anton Frank
Hawkins, Mark Powell
Hawley, Jesse
Hayes, Harvey
Hecht, Jacob
Heckman, Clarence E.
Heine, Harman
Hemme, Harry

Hendrichson, Lloyd Wm.
Hendricksen, George
Hensil, James Henry
Henze, Le Roy Arnold
Her, Leonard
Herman, Edward Thomas
Herman, Ralph Harry
Herzberg, Arthur
Hesse, Jr., Chas. G.
Hetmanek, August R.
Hick, Earl
Hickman, John Clarence
Hinricks, Kurt Theodore
Hirsch, Ferdinand John
Hoadley, Herbert Eugene
Hoaglan, Roy
Hodges, Henry Claussen
Hoffman, James
Hoffman, Joe
Holcomb, Kelly Lee
Hollister, Frank Finch
Holmberg, Erick Hugo
Holmes, Bernard
Holmes, William N.
Holtberg, Wesley A.
Holten, Ulrik
Honey, Roy R. S.
Hoover, Benjamin Aaron
Hopnuk, Tom
Hoppel, Claud H.
Horak, Anton
Horak, Joseph
Horn, Logan Albert
Hornyak, Oscar
Houghan, Elmer Charles
Howard, Claud
Howard, Earl Harry
Howard, Gerald
Hrabak, Howard Frank
Hrouda, Robert Jerome
Huffaker, Irvine Harold
Hull, Jesse Lowery
Hund, William F.
Huntman, George H.
Hutchison, James Robert
Jackson, Lloyd S.
Jacobs, William S.
Janowski, Albert
Janowski, Emil Ewald
Jansen, Viggo Alfred
Janssen, Fred
Jeffers, Ivan Raymond
Jenkins, Henry
Jennings, Floyd Everet
Jensen, Arthur
Jensen, Arthur E.
Jensen, Carl Erik
Jensen, Chris
Jensen, Eric Wilhelm
Jensen, Hans Peter
Jensen, Jamie
Jensen, Max
Jensen, Ole
Jensen, Peter
Jensen, Victor Emanuel
Jensen, William Bryan
Jenssen, Charles Bernard
Jeseph, Leo G.
Johnsen, John Henry
Johnsen, John Peter
Johnson, Benjamin H.
Johnson, Charles Fall
Johnson, Daniel
Johnson, Frederick L.
Johnson, Hilbert Louis
Johnson, Jason F.
Johnson, Lenard Theodore
Johnson, Ray Walter
Johnson, Victor C.
Johnson, Walter Emil
Johnson, William Robert
Johnson, Wm.
Jonas, Charles Edward
Jones, Carl Preston
Jones, Forest Harry
Jones, Irvin Edward
Jones, Lawrence C.
Jones, Ollie
Jones, Willis Ernest
Jorden, Fred Carl
Jorden, William Herman
Kalinsusky, Stanislaus
Kalk, Benjamin F.
Kallenbach, Harold Arthur
Kallenbach, William J.
Kallman, John Milton
Kallstrom, Herman
Kappeler, Jacob Carl
Kastrau, Albert Herman
Katsumis, James
Katz, Harrison Raymond
Keeler, Horace George
Keene, Harold D.
Keller, Samuel Luther
Kelly, John Greggory
Kerlin, Lloyd Wyman
Kern, Marion John
Kerstein, Edward Ludwig
Kiel, John Raymond
Kinder, Geo. Washington
King, Arthur J.
King, Lloyd
Kirtley, William Beauford
Klare, George C.
Knoell, Albert Raymond
Koehler, Jr., William
Konge, Christian Olsen
Koons, Harry Jay
Korbles, Paul
Kostlan, Alvin
Kouba, Robert Fred
Krause, John A.
Kremser, Harry E.
Kriz, Jerome D.
Kroenke, Frank
Kruger, Rudolph Frederick
Krupinsky, Archie
Krupinsky, Benjamin
Kuehm, Arnold Carl
KuU, William
La Violette, James
Ladehoff, Gilbert C.
Laderlee, Joseph
Lane, Asa King
Lange, Wm. J.
Lanwermeyer, Joseph
Larison, Victor
Larsen, Arthur Harry
Larsen, Ben F.
Larsen, Lars A. E.
Larson, Edward Peter
Larson, Elmer Oliver
Larson, Ernest Gustav
Larson, Julius Oliver
Larson, Kimball E.
Launer, Jacob G.
Lawrence, Albert F.
Lawrence, Wilfred S.
Lazazzars, Michael
Lea, Fred Edgar
Lee, Victor Carlton
Lehmer, Warren Meyers
Leigers, Henry J.
Leister. William
Libbert, Theodore
Lichtenberg, Joseph J.
Likousis, Gust
Lockwood, Ward Dustin
Londot, Camille
Loomis, Wayne Victor
Looniis, Howard Waldron
Lou, Charles Fred
Lukl, Charles
Lunan, Frank Alexander
Lund, L. Noble
Lundberg, Alvin T.
Luther, Carl Oscar
Luther, Howard John
Maben, Luther Benjamin
Madden, Louis
Madsen, Alfred Peter
Mahlin, Eugene L.
Maiker, Fred
Malloy, Le Roy Edward
Manni, Adolph
Marek, Frank
Marek, Rudy
Maring, Ralph
Marquardt, Elbert
Marquardt, Gustav Carl
Marquis, Harry Stanton
Marr, Lewis Keene
Martin, Bruce
Martin, Francis Bernette
Martinek, Frank
Mason, Le Roy George
Matthews, William Valentine
Mattson, Albert
Maxwell, Charles V.
May, Richard, Col.
McConnell, Raymond
McDill, Homer Kester
McFarlane, Harris
McGee, Pelham
McGuire, George Edwin
McHenry, Benjamin Harrison
McIntosh, Earl
McIntosh, Vern
McKennan, John E.
McNamara, Walter P.
Mehaffey, Raymond Jerome
Mehon, Bluff Earl
Meister, William Henry
Melcher, William Ludwig
Melton, Ernest
Metteis, Henry
Metzinger, George Ross
Meyer, Henry
Meyer, Henry F. A.
Meyer, John D.
Meyer, Otto Hansen
Milhken, James Dale
Millar, Gilbert Alexander
Millar, Harold Allison
Millar, Wilmer Leland
Miller, Charles
Miller, Clarence Homer
Miller, Earl Oliver
Miller, Jesse A.
Miller, Nathan
Minarik, Mike Lambert
Mines, Robert August
Moeller, John Christ
Moench, August
Moffett, Orville Leone
Mohr, John Frederick
Monnich, Bernard C.
Monnich, Edward Jacob
Montrey, Victor Le Roy
Moore, Benjamin Allin
Morgan, George B. A.
Morlin, Gottfried Leon
Morris, Earl Calvin
Morris, Robert Nathaniel
Morrow, James Henry
Morrs, Scotty J.
Mortensen, Alex Emil
Mortensen, Laurits
Moseley, Frank A.
Moseley, Wm.
Moyer, Miles Foster
Mrsny, Charles Adolph
Muir, Harry Davis
Mulloni, Arthuro
Murninghan. Peter J.
Murry, George Roland
Muselbach, Edwin
Nelsen, Theodore Marius
Nelson, Alvy
Nelson, Carl Herbert
Nelson, Charles F.
Nelson, Chris Beck
Nelson, Clinton E.
Nelson, Edward Oliver
Nelson, Julius W.
Nelson, Niels Christian
Newlon, Clyde Arthur
Nicholson, Bert
Nielsen, Harry M. C.
Nolte, Leonard
Nugent, Leo
Nusz, Stoddard Goddell
O'Connor, Harold Joseph
O'Connor, Patrick
O'Donnell, Ernest J.
O'Hare, Willie
Oaks, Harry Richard
Odstrcil, Frank
Ohmsted, Grover
Olmstead, Guy Arthur
Olson, Gustus L.
Olson, Ivan
Olson, Jacob
Olson, John E. A.
Olson, Louis
Owens, Ray F.
Parchen, Henry E.
Parkert, Albert Charles
Parr, Joe William
Parsons, Robert Ira
Paulsen, Louis Peter
Payne, Roland J.
Peck, Ralph Frank
Pederson, Anton
Pederson, Frank
Pegden, Carl Raymond
Perkins, Frank
Peters, Alfred Wesley
Peters, Oswald
Petersen, Peter A.
Peterson, Ernest
Peterson, Harry B.
Peterson, Luther A.

Peterson, Paul Kline
Pettit, Ray
Pfeiffer, Herbert Harry
Phillips, Frank Leslie
Phillips, Louis Harold
Phillips, Vernon L.
Pierce, Lawrence Pillsbury
Pierce, Russell Kurtz
Pinckney, Thomas Lee
Pitzer, Joseph Chris
Pocholnke, Nick
Pollock, Joe Irving
Poole. Clarre Othello
Popa, Frank
Poppe, Calus F.
Porter, Charles Earl
Porter, Edwin Le Roy
Porter, Guy Matthew
Pott, Edmond John
Pott, Henry
Powell, Wm
Pribnow, August B.
Price, Cratton M.
Pruss, Edward
Pyeatte, Elmer Crozin
Quigley, Ralph Harrison
Ralfs, Charlie
Randall, Albert Ray
Rapp, Herman
Rasmussen, Alfred
Rasmussen, Fred L.
Rasmussen, John
Rasmussen, Louis P.
Rasmussen, Victor
Rasmussen, William Parrott
Ray, Logan
Realph, Harvey W.
Realph, William Bryan
Reichman, Walter Chris
Reitz, James Donald
Remm, Wm.
Reninger, John Albert
Reynolds, Cassius J.
Richards, Henry Herman
Rink, Arnold
Risor, Elmer William
Roberts, Earl Joe
Robertson, Anson J.
Robertson, Earlyon Howard
Robertson, Guy A.
Robins, Edward John
Robinson, Clay Aaron
Robinson, Jay Miles
Robinson, Russell Alex
Robinson, Sumner Willis
Roesch, Leo Joe
Rogers, Roy Elmer
Rohn, Henry Edward
Ronin, Charles Ehnes
Rose, Alex
Rose, Alex
Rosech, Geo. F.
Roush, Harry Albert
Rowe, Arthur Morton
Rowe, William Raymond
Royer, Charles W.
Royer, Milo C.
Rubinek, La Verne F.
Ruff, Emil J. D.
Rump, Harry Frank
Ruppert, Frank
Ruwe, Elmer C. H.
Ruzicka, William Frank
Saeger, Paul John A.
Sager, James William
Salroth, Iver
Sandberg, Henry
Sander, Wm. E.
Saunders, Harry B.
Scharf, Albert
Schellenberg, August C.
Schellenberg, Henry C.
Schlomer, Wm. G. F.
Schlote, Wilmer Herman
Schmale, Carl Henry
Schmidt, Wm. Fred
Schmoldt, August
Schneider, Charles
Schoeneck, Hilbert
Schreck, Peter
Schreier, Clifford C.
Schroeder, Edwin Wm.
Schultz, Carl Henry
Schulz, Emil J.
Schumacher, Wm. L.
Schurman, Harry Herman
Schurman, Teobold H.
Schwab, Elmer
Schwab, Robert Louis
Schwanke, Herman John
Scott, Charles Francis
Scott, Everett Floyd
Scott, Forest Alexander
Scott, Rex L.
Sears, Alfred Richard
Seger, George D.
Seger, George D.
Sellhorst, Joe
Sempeck, Frank James
Shaffer, John A.
Shanahan, Leo John
Shanahan, William Lyle
Sheeley, Ira
Shomshor, Edwin David
Shull, Clair Alex
Siders, Cyrus W.
Siggers, Phillip Harold
Simmerman, Lenel Ely
Sinamark, George
Singer, Anton John
Slack, Henry Delno
Slater, Dwight Edward
Smith, Charles Herald
Smith, Con
Smith, Floyd A.
Smith, Fred L.
Smith, Irwin F.
Smith, Jo T.
Smith, W. F.
Snover, Walter
Snyder, Roy Hamilton
Snyder, Vival Dow
Softley, Arthur
Softley, Bruce J.
Softley, Earl Henry
Soil, Ludwig L.
Sorby, Lloyd A.
Sorby, Roy Seal
Sorensen, John Mark
Sorenson, Mamius
Soukigian, Hagop
Sours, Hobert
Spangler, Howard Andrew
Spangler, Louis
Spangler, Mason T.
Spath, Arthur W.
Spath, Ray Louis
Spotts, Earl K.
Srb, Gilbert Joseph
Srb, Hugo Frank
Stark, Ben Bowden
Stark, Elmer Emil
Stecker, Arnold C.
Stecker, Joe James
Steen, Earl C.
Steen, Raymond Alfred
Steil, Henry Adolph
Steil, John Ernst
Steinkoff, Lester D.
Stell, Irvin Clark
Stenvers, Albert J. D.
Stenvers, Wm. Henry
Sterner, Lloyd Henry
Stevens, Harry Everett
Stevenson. Arthur
Stewart, Augustus L.
Stewart, James J.
Stock, Louis Andrew
Stone, Clarence Lewis
Strand, Barton
Strand, Walter Theodore
Strube, Fred F.
Strube. Will
Struve, Fred John H.
Stubbert, William Fred
Stuck, Charles I.
Studnicka, William Ciellie
Sturbaum, Joe L.
Sullantrop, Alois
Swanson, Charlie
Swanson, Kristian Wm.
Swartz, Arthur Franklin
Tatman, Earl Ray
Tedford, Lee Brainard
Temple, Thomas
Tesar, John Jim
Theede, Clarence Irving
Theede, Harry George
Thomas, Cecil Charles, Col.
Thomas, Gordon R., Col.
Thomas, James, Rector, Col.
Thomas, Wm. Earl
Thompsen, Thomas Fred
Thomsen, Carl
Thorn, Wm. Harris
Thornton, Jesse E.
Tiedeman, Fred C.
Tiegler, Jr., Henry
Tiemken, Gustav H. A.
Tienken, Charles
Till, Rex
Tillma, Arthur C.
Tillman, Cornelius Herman
Tillman, John Wm.
Timpe, Conrad Christoful
Timpe, Fritz Arthur
Timpe, Somer Eugene
Torrey, David Hjalmar
Totten, Wm. V.
Trumbull, Drayton Le Roy
Turner, Harvey Ray
Uehling, Arthur L.
Uehling, Harold Theo.
Ulcek, Joseph
Valk, John
Van Anda, Ralph Woodward
Van Cleave, Leslie D.
Van Loo, John
Villias, Geo. J.
Vitek, Emil
Vrba, Adolph Frank
Vrba, Charles
VVhitford, Le Roy Earl
Wagner, Ralph Roy
Wallick, Gilbert Roy
Wallien, Carl Rudolph
Walraven, Edwin Wilder
Walter, Joseph
Ward, Con Luther
Ward, John Wesley
Warner, Joe Andrew
Warner, Louis
Waterman, Albert Herman
Waterman, John Herman
Watt, Arthur
Webb, Henry C.
Wecke, Joseph F.
Wedegren, Earl Irving
Wegner, Jr., Win.
Wegner, Oscar B.
Weidner, Leo N.
Weidner, Wm. L.
Weihe, Wm. Gottlob
Weimann, Oscar J.
Weisberger, Otto Lawrence
Weist, Karl Anton
Weldon, Floyd
Wells, Jess C.
Wentzel, Larry Adam
Wertz, Benjamin H.
Westphalen, Paul Henry
Wheaton, Frank G.
Wheelock, Leon
Whitcomb, Leslie L.
Whitford, Arthur John
Whitton, George
Wickert, Albert
Wiegle, Herman A.
Wilch, Charles C.
Willeberg, Einer Johannes
Williams, Edward J. J.
Wilson, Leo
Winkleman, Ernest Fred
Winn, Victor
Wintersteen, Glen Dale
Wintersteen, James Horace
Winther, Holgar Carl
Wise, Floyd Baker
With, Holger Pedersen
Witt, Rudolph
Wolf, Fred H. R.
Wolff, James C.
Woods, Perry
Wormwood, Jay
Woslager, Tony J.
Wright, Carl Thomas
Wright, James H.
Wright, Victor Paul
Yates, Jr., Walter S.
Yoder, Jacob Samuel
Yoder, Jay Arnold
Young, William James
Zellers, Henry Clayton
Zellers, Monroe Theodore
Zemlicka, Clarence
Zevitz, Sam
Zuber, Herman
Zwickey, Harry John

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Source: History of Dodge and Washington Counties, Nebraska, Rev. William H. Buss and Thomas T. Osterman, Volume 1, The American Historical Society, Chicago, 1921.

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