Government Officials of Dodge County, Nebraska ~ 1920

Treasurer-Joseph Roberts
Deputy Treasurer-M. H. Woslager
Bookkeeper-Charlotte Lake
Stenographer-Hanna Ohlson
Clerk-W. E. Barz
Deputy Clerk-H. J. Arundel
Stenographer-Allie P. Wegner
Judge-Waldo Wintersteen
Clerk of County Court-Marie Carstens
Registrar of Deeds-Ernest Hahn
Deputy Registrar of Deeds-Effie H. Hahn
Clerk 'District Court-Peter T. Mitterling
Deputy District Clerk-Kittie Armstead
County Assessor-John O'Connor
Record Clerk-Georgia O'Connor
County Attorney-J. C. Cook
Stenographer-Pauline Kendrick
Superintendent-J. E. Marsh
Clerk of Superintendent-Esther Knapp
Sheriff-W. C. Condit
Deputy Sheriff-W. A. Johnson
Stenographer-Marguerite Haven
Surveyor-W. M. Sanders
Physician-F. E. Calkins, M. D.
Highway Commissioner-W. M. Sanders
Superintendent Courthouse-L. G. Windsor
Steward Poor Farm-J. H. Randall
Purchasing Agent-A. W. Murphy
Distributing Agent-H. J. Arundel

Board of Supervisors for 1920

In after years it may be of no little interest to know who has charge of the affairs of county government in this county, hence this list of supervisors is inserted in this connection, the same constituting the members in 1920:

M. A. Uehling, Hooper: District No. 1-Logan, Hooper and Nickerson.

P. J. Flanagan, Snyder: District No. 2-Everett, Cuming and Pebble.

F. J. Stecher, Dodge: District No. 3-Webster, Pleasant Valley and Union.

Fred Scott, North Bend: District No. 4-North Bend, Cotterell and Ridgeley.

Maurice Nelson, Fremont: District No. 5-Maple, Platte and Elkhorn.

A. W. Murphy, Fremont: District No. 6-Second and Third Wards, Fremont.

Oscar Widman, Fremont: District No. 7-First and Fourth Wards.

Chairman-A. W. Murphy; Clerk, W. E. Barz.

Each Supervisor has direct charge of all matters within his respective district.

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Source: History of Dodge and Washington Counties, Nebraska, Rev. William H. Buss and Thomas T. Osterman, Volume 1, The American Historical Society, Chicago, 1921.

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