These Photos and more - are looking for a home.

A Friend of the late Ruth Richards-Stroufe, has passed on to me a rather large box of snapshots and professional
Photos, as well as, news articles, letters, obituaries, etc.  Photos include Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and
Long time friends.  These items are in excellent condition considering their age and most are named. 
I'm helping to find a home for these items - Please contact me if you would like to have them  I prefer you take all.

Donna Merkel


A Nebraska Reminder Book 1927
Group Photos
Nuss, Johann Paul and Friederike Griess and Families
Unknown - Please help ID All faces  Contact me with the number located on the lower right side if you can ID
Wahl, John and Margaretha Engelhardt Families