Judy's Collection

The following pages are from the Research Collection of Judy Foreman. 

The newspaper clippings will take you back in time as you read about your Ancestors and their friends.  See how they come alive and go about their daily lives when they come to town or who and where they visited; who had births, deaths or illness in the family and who moved in or out of the area and about their neighbors; what businesses opened or closed; who married and who had court dealings; read about their social life at school or the Clubs they attended; and so much more to find. 

If you find information such as a date of birth that does not agree with what you have, include it in your data and source it, who knows, maybe you are chasing the wrong person who has the same name. 

Note the paper source and date are shown on the pages, (please excuse if some dates are out of order).  If you need to enlarge the articles - use your Browser Viewer and also the "back" arrow if needed.    Also note, using the "Search" feature on the home page will not pick up the scanned newspaper information.

Sometimes we forget someone has to pay for what you are getting for free.  I hope you appreciate the expense and the many years and hours Judy worked in obtaining and organizing this collection to gather knowledge of her Ancestors.   Even more, appreciate she now passed this collection on to you though me.  Having this Collection was an opportunity I could not pass up.   All the boxes and totes and all the old newspaper yearly books will be a pleasure to go through and share with you.  Part of her collection will be scans as you will see below and part of the collection  will only be an index of what copies are available, you are welcome to order those copies or if you find a "Court Proceeding" etc., that you would like more details on, I can go to the Clay County Courthouse to research that, Please understand, there will be a fee involved to cover my expenses. 

This collection will surprise you with answers you may yet to even question!  Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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1919 County Court News
1919 Marriage Articles
1919 Stockham and Sheridan
1919 Sutton News
1919 Verona

1929 42 Years Ago
1929 Advertising
1929 Articles-Misc
1929 City Council
1929 Clay Center and Vicinity
1929 Clubs
1929 County Court Notices
1929 Farmers Valley
1929 Local and Personal
1929 Marriage License Notices
1929 Real Estate Transfers
1929 Saronville Items
1929 School News
1929 Southeast of Sutton
1929 Stockham Items

1930 Birthdays
1932 Marriage Articles


May 06, 2019