Gone - But Not Forgotten

Dedicated to and In Memory of

The People of Clay County, Nebraska



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Harvard Cemetery (incomplete)



Mrs. Mitchell - Dressmaker 1890 



Sketch of Clay County - July 4th 1876 - Reprinted 1933 
A History written in the early 1990's 



Allen Mrs Geo Ptomain Poisoning
Ayton, John and Conrad Miller Property 
Bender, Henry Auctioneer 
Bishoff, John Paralized 
Brown LD and Nick Brehm Meat Market 
Clark, T G Penitentiary 
Clay County Officers 1890 
Clearman, J H 
Cronin D J Pastor 
David, E C Called to David City 
David, Isaac 
Dick John Injury working on Railroad 
Ehrsman Louie Bad Fire 
Eller, Cleveland Break-In 
Evans Mabel Train Accident Injury 
Fast WF Dr head of Ingleside 
Fate Auctioneer 
Gallentine Joseph Dastardly Deed 
Hartman, Harvey Shot 
Harvard Bandage Circle 
Harvard Bank Sells Out 
Harvard Celebration Jun 1894 
Harvard Celebration Jul 1894 
Harvard Modern Woodman 
Harvard Phone Subscriber's 1902 
Harvard's Well 1899 
Herbert S Harris Sentenced to Pen, Shoots Russell Aker 
Hunt L F Drug Store Fire 
Hurd, Helen Poisoned 
Johnson, Wendell Struck by Lightning 
Johnson Oakley Before Insanity Board 
Joy Ride 
Koehler Raymond Broken Leg 
McBride, W H House Fire 
Miller Conrad and Johy Ayton Property 
Munn C A Auctioneer 
Pallister, H A Rev 
Potter, Harman 
Public Farm Sale Feb 1900 
Rogers, A J. 
Schwab, Mable X-Ray 
Scott, C J Attends Burdick Funeral 
Thompson, Howard Court Case 
Warren, Arthur Hand Amputated 
Williams, Oliver 


Obits Not Linked from the Cemetery

Deickman, Frederick 
Heefner, Nellie B Phillips 



Boge, Lottie 

Business Block

Early Harvard

Files, Ruth 

German Methodist Episcopal Church


German Reformed Church

Gregg, Samuel 
Hartzell, J W 
Harvard Buildings 1900 

Harvard About 1904 - Includes Business, Clergy, Churches, Homes and City Council Photos


Harvard Looking East


Harvard High School

Harvard High School 1900 close up 
Harvard High School Football Team 1899 - Please help ID 

Harvard Main Street 1900

Harvard Military Band 1900 

Harvard Looking North


Harvard Railroad Depot

Harvard State Bank 1910-1920 - 01and 02


Harvard Tornado - 01 and 02

Herzog, G A 

Lafollette Speaking in Harvard-Around 1910's


Library 1919

Matters, T H Hon 

Postoffice and Woodman Hall


SP Rosenbaum and Sons Store  - 01 and 02


Unidentified Family Photo Found in a Harvard Home


Wolf at Auction Feb 1902 4 miles North of Harvard Nebraska

Worley, Carl H 




Clay Center
Spring Ranch