Ancestor and Descendant Reports

The following pages are reports of people who lived in Clay County, Nebraska.  These pages are to help you find contacts who are researching your family or connections to your family and share information, meet new relatives, and obtain leads to help your research. 

As you know, genealogy information is ever changing as new information is found and new connections are made. Each of these researchers have utilized sources available to them at the time and may have later found a source that is better and more accurate.    At the end of each report is a contact name and address.   Please contact that person to help verify or correct information, they are waiting to hear from you.  



Bevilhimer and Ellis and Dalluge  
Bohlen Daniel Dirk Smidt Gertie
Epkes, Johann Folkert Meyer, Trientje (Kate) Otjes
Tjarks, George Janssen Kahman, Dena Johanna
Peter, Phillip Roth, Eva Christina
Schmidt, Jacob J. Jr.  Roth, Christina Eva 
Theesen, Dirk Okkel  
Elmer, Frey Boltjes, Elise "Lizzie"
Boltjes, Johann Dietrick Osgood Rutoka, Rothfuss Trientje,  Krieger Catherine
Meester, Johann W Buskal/Boskol, Janna W 
DeBuhr, Ulfert Gerdes Julius, Johanna Henrika 
Tjarks,  Frederich Tjardes Hinrichs, Harmina
Hinrichs, Claas Goudschaal, Hiskea Fraukelina
Simmering, Meent Remmer Eden, Amke Gerdes
Evens, Claas Janssen Valentine, Martjie Janssen
Evans ,Harm K Foelrichs, Berendine M
Gronewold, Tamme Hippen Dudden, Annchen Helena
Harms, Johann Hinrichs Jurgens, Motia G
Janssen, Evert Everts
Johnson, Remmer Caspers Classen, Hilke Jakobs 
Kohlbry, Hermann Gurius, Margaretha
Krueger, Frank Wiltz Franken, Ida
Krull, I O Even, Trientje Klassina
Merkel, Johann Wilhelm Lay, Saharina
Ocker, Heinrich Friedrich Saathoff, Folke Folken Ulfers 
Ockinga, Hinrichs F Onken, Folke
Penning, Jan Schmidt Anna J. G and Hoppens Ida
Stromer, Gerd Wilke Ridinius Bruns, Gretje Fokken
Johnson, Nicholas Behrend Janssen, Trientje Garrelts
Smock, Barnet (Barney) McClain, LaVina
Willet, Benjamin Jr. Baker, Sarah Ann
Sigrist, Jacob Steinmann, Verena
Brandt, Lutjen   DeBuhr, Gretjie

Newell, Rev. Isaac Denison 

Bartlet, Annie Grace

Doxsie, Samuel Derling

How to submit your Ancestor or Descendant Report

The Family members lived in Clay County.

Please do not include any living people.

Please include a Contact e-mail address

Please send your report in Rich Text Format (name.rtf)  Send as an attachment to your e-mail.

Your reports will be done in a cut and paste fashion from your rtf file to avoid any typo mistakes by me. 

Donna Merkel



March 04, 2013