Deaths 2017

Deaths of those who were from or who were associated in some way to Clay County, Nebraska.

This Listing  has been compiled by Jan Plambeck, and taken from various newspapers she reads. 

This listing is provided to show death listings for 2017, not for obtaining obituaries from her.

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Alkire, Dorothy G  (Tallent)January 15, 1929November 12, 2017Belleville Kansas Cemetery
Aspegren, Barbara Ruth (Hanson)September 3, 1931February 3, 2017Harvard Nebraska Cemetery
Bailey, Doreta Jean (Koher)September 11, 1928February 14, 2017Edgar Nebraska Cemetery
Baldridge, Clarence MarionNovember 16, 1938October 12, 2017Belleville Kansas Cemetery
Barnell, Gilbert George "GipMay 14, 1926July 27, 2017Aurora Nebraska Cemetery
Bauer, Don JohnOctober 8, 1930March 17, 2017cremated
Bauer, Dorothy LaVon (Herzog)July 4, 1933September 19, 2017unknown
Bauer, James HenryFebruary 5, 1930March 28, 2017unknown
Benlien, Genevieve M "Jenny" [Wilson]November 24, 1953April 18, 2017Clay Center Nebraska Cemetery
Benson, Eldon LeeSeptember 18, 1940September 4, 2017Ong Nebraska Cemetery
Blackburn, Norma (Nuss)April 25, 1962July 10, 2017Evergreen Cemetery  Superior, NE
Boswell, Ruth M (Whitten) July 23, 1924September 14, 2017Ong Nebraska Cemetery
Buchtel, Margaret Joyce "Peg" (Hubbard)January 14, 1933July 13, 2017Clay Center Nebraska Cemetery
Calkins, William B "Bill"January 29, 1939January 16, 2017Sutton Nebraska Cemetery
Carlson, Norma Jean (Cyckosz)November 23, 1930September 4, 2017Saron Lutheran Cemetery  near Saronville, NE
Cleven, Joan Ranee (Aspegren)September 4, 1934December 30, 2016unknown
Congrove, Ronald "Ron"January 28, 1935October 13, 2017National Memorial Cemetery  Arizona
Cooney, Shirley Jean (Eliker)February 18, 1933May 1, 2017Overton Nebraska Cemetery  
Cox, Barbara Lea (Jackson)January 25, 1933August 25, 2017Edgar Nebraska Cemetery
DeMoor, Rose Louise (Leichleiter) October 24, 1944October 16, 2017Harvard Nebraska Cemetery
Domeier, Deloris R (Unterseher)December 5, 1929July 7, 2015Sutton Nebraska Cemetery
East, Royce LeslieJuly 24, 1921November 7, 2017Clay Center Nebraska Cemetery
Elifritz, Iona (Skinner)August 4, 1919September 3, 2017Edgar Nebraska Cemetery
Engel, Bernard DApril 25, 1923January 9, 2017Parkview Cemetery Hastings  NE
Fitzke, Eugene Ray "Gene"July 25, 1945April 30, 2017Fairfield Nebraska Cemetery
Fitzke, Evleyn Faye (Saathoff)June 1, 1919July 1, 2017Glenvil Nebraska Cemetery
Fitzke, Larry DApril 3, 1935August 27, 2017Harvard Nebraska Cemetery
Frank, Larry GFebruary 6, 1966April 9, 2017Harvard Nebraska Cemetery
Friesen, Elizabeth Ann (Rempel)January 2, 1931February 23, 2017Aurora Nebraska Cemetery
Gavin, Phyllis A (Fate)December 23, 1929June 1, 2017Clay Center Nebraska Cemetery
Geihsler, Gaylon ElmerJune 6, 1943January 1, 2017Harvard Nebraska Cemetery
George, Billy LeeMarch 15, 1939June 8, 2017unknown
Gerdes, Ilene Joyce (Tjarks)August 14, 1928September 25, 2017Glenvil Nebraska Cemetery
Gibson, Darlene Rose (Hayek)July 23, 1937April 14, 2017Wilber Czech 
Griess, Sharon Kaye (Ball)February 3, 1944July 6, 2017Sutton Nebraska Cemetery
Grossman, Kenneth LynnDecember 22, 1938August 31, 2017Edgar Nebraska Cemetery
Grummert, Milvern EJuly 20, 1928January 16, 2017Oak Grove Cemetery  Oak, NE
Hagemeier, Lynn AAugust 16, 1931March 29, 2017Clay Center Nebraska Cemetery
Hall, Thomas MerlynDecember 7, 1913October 23, 1916Desert lawn Memorial Park  Kennewick WA
Hanson, H L "Larry"August 12, 1923June 11, 2017Grand Island City Cemetery
Harnett, AudreyOctober 14, 1928July 8, 2017unknown
Hoagland, Connie (Hogue)July 1, 1960February 8, 2017unknown
Hoarty, Charles FFebruary 29, 1932April 26, 2017Calvary Cemetery  Sutton, NE
Hofmann, Minnie (Griess)April 2, 1928August 22, 2017Free German Reformed Salem Church Cemetery  Sutton, NE
Hohnstein, Marjorie Jean "Marge" (Fishback)February 20, 1924July 5, 2017Harvard Nebraska Cemetery
Huber, Loretta (Griess)August 16, 1935November 14, 2017Free German Reformed Salem Church Cemetery  Sutton, NE
Jaeger, Alorice Renee (Linder)January 20, 1930October 2, 2017Clay Center Nebraska Cemetery
Johnson, Robert WJune 28, 1945November 28, 2017cremated
Jorgensen, Lucille M (Blaha)December 16, 1925March 31, 2017Fairfield Nebraska Cemetery


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