Deaths 2016

Deaths of those who were from or who were associated in some way to Clay County, Nebraska.

This Listing  has been compiled by Jan Plambeck, and taken from various newspapers she reads. 

This listing is provided to show death listings for 2016, not for obtaining obituaries from her.

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Aumillerm Ruth NJuly 11, 1931March 18, 2016Harvard Nebraska Cemetery
Barnell, Shirley AnnNovember 20, 1936October 16, 2016Sutton Nebraska Cemetery
Bender, Robert "Bob"July 25, 1925February 5, 2016Sutton Nebraska Cemetery
Bergen, Cole J CooperJanuary 9, 1989July 30, 2016Saronville United Methodist Cemetery  near Saronville, NE
Bertellotti, Paul FMay 2, 2016May 3, 2016Edgar Nebraska Cemtery
Bishoff, Kathryn C "Cotty"March 4, 1924February 27, 2016Harvard Nebraska Cemetery
Boehler, RosaleneJanuary 22, 1935June 5, 2016Sutton Nebraska Cemetery
Bonner, Helen JeanNovember 2, 1922October 28, 2016Clay Center Nebraska Cemetery
Boyd, Eunice CNovember 24, 1924July 31, 2016Clay Center Nebraska Cemetery
Brenneman, Frances M97 yrsJune 25, 2016Harvard Nebraska Cemetery
Briess, EstherJuly 4, 1916June 29, 2016Free German Reformed Salem Cemetery  
Brodrick, Ronald FarisSeptember 27, 1919February 10, 2016Melrose Cemetery Brockton MA
Brown, RomaAugust 8, 1928September 26, 2016Greenwood Cemetery, Trumbull, NE
Carriker, Marvin LeRoyNovember 21, 1929June 23, 2016Harvard Nebraska Cemetery
Carriker, Wayne OrvilleFebruary 27, 1924October 22, 2016Harvard Nebraska Cemetery
Carriker, William Revere "Bill"December 11, 1927December 4, 2016unknown
Cloet, Andrew HenryOctober 28, 1927June 24, 2016Calvary Cemetery  Sutton, NE
Corman, Vernon LeeMarch 26, 1925November 4, 2016Davenport Nebraska Cemetery
Cunningham, Arthur ScottApril 22, 1950May 6, 2016United Methodist Cemetery  near Saronville, NE
Dack, Robert LouisSeptember 18, 1951August 5, 2015Memorial Park  McCook, NE
Dainton, LoisMay 5, 1927March 2, 2016Grandview Cemetery near Anselmo, NE
Deprez, KathleenSeptember 8, 1938August 12, 2016St Joseph Cemetery  York, NE
Driewer, LarryAugust 3, 1955March 13, 2016Zion Cemetery  East of Hampton, NE
Dubas, JoAnnJuly 10, 1936July 30, 2016St Peter's Catholic Cemetery  Fullerton, NE
Dubas, Lisa Joy (Thaut)December 25, 1954December 20, 2016Clay Center Nebraska Cemetery
Ekwall, Thomas AApril 23, 1952November 30, 2016cremated
Embree, Valda JeanApril 14, 1930March 22, 2016Memorial Cemetery  LeMars, IA
Everson, Tony LeeFebruary 10, 1956May 30, 2016Clay Center Nebraska Cemetery
Figi, FrederickFebruary 21, 1944November 3, 2016Sutton Nebraska Cemetery
Flesner, Gary JohnApril 10, 1959August 28, 2016unknown
Foster, MaryJaneSeptember 12, 1942June 17, 2016Clay Center Nebraska Cemetery
Frank, Michelle MMay 25, 1960May 22, 2016Glenvil Nebraska Cemetery
Glantz, Randy LApril 2, 1949August 2, 2016unknown
Glantz, Ronald D  "Gus"August 3, 1953June 22, 2016First Evangelical Cemetery  north of Harvard, NE
Gowen, Gordon HaroldJuly 16, 1930December 3, 2016Stockholm Lutheran Cemetery  Fillmore Co., NE
Grantzinger, Janet KJanuary 31, 1944March 15, 2016unknown
Hajny, Lilburn EMarch 2, 1933February 11, 2016Danville National Cemetery  Danville, IL
Hampton, Leonard Douglas64 yrsApril 26, 2016unknown
Hardin, Evelyn MaeJuly 3, 1918October 23, 2016Sutton Nebraska Cemetery
Hart, SharonFebruary 2, 1971April 13, 2016Harvard Nebraska Cemetery
Heye, Raymond LouisAugust 19, 1931May 8, 2016St Paul's Lutheran Churchyard Cemetery, west of Glenvil, NE
Higgins, Mary E (Mosely)October 18, 1939December 10, 2016unknown
Hoagland, Barbara JeanOctober 16, 1947April 6, 2016unknown
Hofmann, William A  "Bill"June 19, 1956November 5, 2016Emmanuel Reformed Church  Cemetery  Sutton, NE
Jackson, Marlene MargaretJuly 8, 1934October 31, 2016Sutton Nebraska Cemetery
Jarosik, Richard Joseph  "Dick"June 5, 1930October 9, 2016St Martin's (Loucky) Cemetery  Deweese, NE
Jensen, Loren FredMay 31, 1931August 26, 2016Evergreen  Cemetery  Superior, NE
Johnson, B CharlesApril 5, 1921December 12, 2016Fairfield Nebraska Cemetery
Jorgensen, Florence InezDecember 27, 1918April 20, 2016Edgar Nebraska Cemetery
Juranek, Ronald GeneOctober 9, 1934March 12, 2016body donated to Anatomical Board of Nebraska
Kauk, Darlene DeniseAugust 30, 1930June 24, 2016Sutton Nebraska Cemetery
Kissinger, Raymond KeithJanuary 16, 1921October 2, 2016Glenvil Nebraska Cemetery
Kroger, Eugene "Gene"76 yrsMarch 28, 2016Harvard Nebraska Cemetery


February 01, 2017