Clay County Marriages

 Marriage information transcribed by Carol Kleppinger.


Please note the document handwritings were not always legible and in many cases applications were filled out by Clerks so spelling of names may be incorrect on these lists. To obtain a copy of a marriage document, please provide both groom and bride names, book and page numbers.   

For fee information to receive a copy of the original document  contact Donna Merkel



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Marriages in the News

Anderton Sam and Eva Bartam
Beck Stephen Edward and Sadie Peterson
Burus Alfred and Lula Tucker
Carroll T G and Kitty Sweeley
Clark Ralph H and Grace Spicer
Dobesh John and Mary Barta
Erickson Ernest and Ebba Roos
Flanagan Edgar and Mary Hill
Fuher C J and Hilda Forst
Graham George and Opah Roplogie
Harnly Cad and Mary Redman
Hertel Walter and Eunice Jones
Hunter and Katie Shertz
Maxwell J E and Ella Smith
Maxwell Jacob and Mae Hawkins
McNally James and Lottie Story
Newcomb James and Whitten Florella
O’Connell John M and Nellie Chance
Pearson Emil and Ester Erickson
Ochsner Edward and Docia Fleming
Phillips Paul and Ruby Allen
Pomeroy Clarence and Gladys Stewart
Prosser Frank P and Alene Ware
Raub Veston and Annie Hedlund
Rudeen Albin and Ella Aspegren
Seman J B and Hattie Wiley
Westering Ed and Minnie Peterson
Wilson James and Mamie Nicholls
William Oliver's Dau
Woods Lucious 12 Anniversay