People of Clay County, Nebraska Mentioned in Other Books

I've transcribed small parts of books that contain references to people that at some time were in Clay County, Nebraska or had immediate family members that were. These are all non-Clay County specific books. There is a  variety of books including family books, local biographies from different places and the like. Some are abstracts of the section of the book as some of the biographies are very long. Other's are genealogical type information and given as they are found in the book. They have been included on our site to aid in helping find where your Clay County families came from or went to. If you have a book that references people in Clay County please consider transcribing the section for inclusion on this site. I've included full references with page number to each book. If you find your family here you'll want to try to obtain the original.  I'd love to know if this has been of help and if you found your family.

All transcriptions done by Darla Stimbert 2004 

Albright, Daniel Monroe and Elizabeth Cameron
Barnett, George Harold and Pauline Damm
Dinsmore, John Bell and Helen M Matteson
Ellwell, Thomas and Ellen E Edwards
Epperson, Ambrose Clarence
Epperson, Charles Harvey and Lida Moore
Epperson, John Lowry and Sarah Catherine Rine
Goodrich, Silas Spencer and Elizabeth Alden Dinsmore
Groff, E G and Catherine Elizabeth Diffenderffer
Hatten, John F and Elizabeth McKinney
Hoydar, Albert L and Mary Epperson
Johnson, Jasper J and Ella Crawford
Johnston, David and Sarah Day
Nelson, Carl Oscar and Emily Marie Forsell
Peck, Harle Jerome and Florence Alberta Bryant
Ransom, Ira LeRoy and Ida Amelia Walters
Rosenquist, Alfred and Ada Bottom
Shirley, John and Mary V Crow
Woods, Salem and Carnelia Grow