Nebraska State Historical Society

The Nebraska State Historical Society was organized September 26, 1878, at Lincoln, with a membership comprising thirty-six prominent men, representing sixteen counties. A constitution adopted at that time remained without change until 1883, when the Society was made a state institution. The first president and prime mover in organizing the Society was Robert W. Furnas, who occupied the position from 1878 to 1891, and from 1903 to date. The interim was filled by the presidency of J. Sterling Morton.

From a small biennial appropriation in 1883, the State support of the work of the Society has grown steadily to $10,000 in 1901 and 1903. During the twenty-two years of the eleven bienniums, the Society has had $43,000 from the State. With this it has built up a library of 25,000 titles, a museum of 50,000 relics and scientific specimens, a newspaper library of 2,000 volumes, thousands of original manuscripts and photographs; has published ten volumes of proceedings and collections; has filled full the 4,000 square feet of floor surface occupied by the Society since 1893 in the Library building of the State University; and has begun a careful archeological survey of the State.

Officers, 1903

President, Robert W. Furnas, Brownville
First Vice President, Charles S. Lobinger, Omaha
Second Vice President, Henry T. Clarke, Omaha
Secretary, Prof. Howard W. Caldwell, Lincoln
Treasurer, Charles H. Gere, Lincoln
Governor, John H. Mickey, Lincoln
Chancellor of University, E. Benjamin Andrews, Lincoln
President State Press Association, C. J. Bowlby, Crete.

These latter three are ex-officio members, and the entire official list constitutes an Executive Board. The office staff consists of the following officers, who carry on the work: Jay Amos Barrett, curator and librarian, in charge; A. E. Sheldon, director of field work; E. E. Blackman, archeologist; Daisy M. Palin, newspaper clerk.

The objects of the Society

Maintenance of a library of western and local material, particularly of history, sociology, archeology, genealogy, and newspapers.

To gather and preserve all manuscript and printed material relating to Nebraska, and the things which illustrate the resources of the State and the progress of the Nebraska people.

To gather all the newspapers of the State and bind them for reference.

To maintain a general museum and encourage the State scientists to gather and maintain museums of the plant, animal and mineral life of the State and the West.

To publish as much of valuable historical and scientific material as possible.

Nebraska AHGP

A Condensed History of Nebraska for fifty years to date, Compiled by Geo. W. Hervey, Editor, and Published by Nebraska Farmer Co., Omaha, Nebraska, 1903.

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