Nebraska Shorthorn Breeders' Association

The Nebraska Shorthorn Breeders' Association was organized January 22, 1903, by a meeting of breeders called at Lincoln, Neb., for this purpose. A Constitution and By-Laws were adopted at this meeting, and the following officers elected:

L. C. Lawson, Clarks, President
L. J. Hitchcock, Falls City, Vice President
A. B. Heath, Republican, Secretary
W. G. Saddler, Juniata, Treasurer

The Association has made rapid progress in growth, there being now near 200 members, representing the good herds from every county in the State. In January, 1884, there was an organization of Shorthorn breeders effected, with J. B. Dinsmore as President; Richard Daniels, Vice President; O. M. Druse, Secretary; and J. O. Chase, Treasurer.

This organization remained in active working condition for three or four years, then ceased to hold meetings and soon passed out of existence. The present Association has all evidences of an active and useful career before it.

Lucius C. Lawson, President Nebraska Shorthorn Breeders' Association, was born in December, 1850, in Crawford County, Pennsylvania; moved to Tama County, Iowa, in 1865, with his parents. In 1873 came to Nebraska, locating at Clarks, Merrick County, the present site of Willow Springs Stock Farm, where he conducts the breeding of registered Shorthorn cattle, trotting bred horses and Berkshire swine. Mr. Lawson is an enthusiastic Nebraskan, and fully imbued with the spirit of livestock improvement.

Alfred B. Heath, Secretary, was born in Ohio in 1851; moved with his parents to Illinois in early childhood, where he remained till of age, when he came to Nebraska, locating in Harlan County. Here his ambition for successful farming and stock raising is being amply fulfilled on a fine tract of 1,200 acres of rich Nebraska land. This farm is located near Republican City, is stocked with Shorthorn cattle and other improved breeds of farm animals. As Secretary of the Nebraska Shorthorn Breeders' Association, Mr. Heath has been able to bring the membership up to nearly 200.

William G. Saddler, Treasurer, was born in Kentucky, in 1844; was raised on a farm and received his education in the public schools of his native state. Was a soldier in the civil war, at the close of which he returned to farming, and in 1875 moved to Putnam county, Indiana, where he again engaged in farming until 1883, when he moved to Adams county, Nebraska, and located on a farm near Juniata, where ho now resides, engaging in farming and breeding Shorthorn cattle. Mr. Saddler is one of the prosperous farmers of Central Nebraska. He has eight sons and one daughter. His wife was Susan T. Hale of Kentucky.

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A Condensed History of Nebraska for fifty years to date, Compiled by Geo. W. Hervey, Editor, and Published by Nebraska Farmer Co., Omaha, Nebraska, 1903.

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