Nebraska Poland China Breeders' Association

The Nebraska Poland China Breeders' Association was organized at Lincoln, January 22, 1902, with the following breeders as charter members:

A. Nickel, Jr., Bradshaw
S. McKelvie & Son, Fairfield
H. H. Meyers, Nickerson
L. W. Prouty, Randolph
W. H. Haven, Fremont
E. B. Day, North Bend
C. O. Timbe, Fontanelle
Aye Bros., Blair
A. T. Shattuck & Son, Prosser
W. G. Saddler, Juniata
J. H. Hamilton, Guide Rock
C. L. Prouty, Council Bluffs, Ia.
A. B. & F. A. Heath, Republican
Rudolph Firme, Juniata
Robert Burt, Jr., South Omaha
T. C. Callahan, Omaha
C. M. Root, Omaha
John L. Dawson, Wymore
H. R. Clayton, Malcolm
William Foster, Saltillo
John Blain, Pawnee City
E. M. Metzger, Fairfield, Ia.
L. A. Rutan, Seward
G. M. Hall, Burchard
Henry Bock, David City
C. H. Beethe, Elk City
L. W. Hamilton, Kearney
E. H. Andrews, Kearney

Officers elected were:

E. B. Day, President; A. T. Shattuck, Vice President; S. R. McKelvie, Secretary-Treasurer.

Nebraska AHGP

A Condensed History of Nebraska for fifty years to date, Compiled by Geo. W. Hervey, Editor, and Published by Nebraska Farmer Co., Omaha, Nebraska, 1903.

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