Nebraska Improved Livestock Breeders' Association

The Improved Live Stock Breeders' Association has been in existence for twenty-one years in continuous organization, being organized in February, 1882, under the name of the Nebraslia State Stoclf Breeders' Association. Its inception may be credited as the outgrowth of an association of breeders of thoroughbred stock which was organized at Omaha in 1879, for the purpose of importing new and valuable strains of improved stock into Nebraska and the Western stock ranges. This Association, while representing the breeding interests of breeders of thoroughbred cattle, sheep, swine, poultry and pet stock, assumed in its purpose the commercial feature of handling breeding stock for the Western trade, one of the objects being to establish a public live stock exchange at Omaha, which was then the recognized gateway to the new stock raising districts and farm lands of Nebraska and the country west.

It was planned that this Association hold public exhibitions and sales of livestock for the mutual welfare and advantage of breeders and dealers in the improved breeds, the important purpose being to encourage a more general interest in the distribution of pure blooded stock among the common herds and flocks of the Western country.

The Association, under the title of "The Nebraska State Breeders' Association," made excellent progress in livestock improvement. Many good herds were established in the State, and a general interest was awakened in the securing of better bred animals. In 1884 the Association was under the following officers: C. H. Walker, President; L. C. Todd, J. H. Hayden, J. V. Wolfe and E. P. Savage, Vice Presidents; John R. Harvey, Secretary and Treasurer. The annual meetings in the early history of the Society were actively participated in and good programs were presented.

The Association has been one of the most influential organizations in the State, in the matter of livestock improvement. It has gathered into its membership the breeders and promoters of all breeds of improved animals. It promises more in the matter of effective work in the general upbuilding of agriculture and the livestock industries of Nebraska than any special or separate organization can hope to accomplish. Its work has no bounds and its influence extends out to every feature of livestock improvement and farm advantage.

The following is a list of the officers of the Nebraska Improved Livestock Breeders' Association, commencing with 1893:

1893 - President, Elijah Filley; Secretary-Treasurer, H. S. Reed

1894 - President, Elijah Filley; Vice Presidents, W. G. Whitmore, Mrs. A. M. Edwards, C. H. Searle and T. J. Hitte; Secretary-Treasurer, H. S. Reed

1895-President, C. H. Searle; Vice Presidents, Elijah Filley, J. V. Wolfe and Thomas Miller;
Secretary-Treasurer, H. S. Reed

1896-President, C. H. Searle; Vice Presidents, C. H. Elmendorf, Mark M. Goad, S. McKelvie and G. H. Ballinger; Secretary-Treasurer, T. J. Hitte

1897-President, W. G. Whitmore; Vice Presidents, A. L. Sullivan, G. H. Elmendorf, J. Mandlebaum, C. H. Ballinger and F. E. Wheeler; Secretary-Treasurer, Wm. Foster

1898-President C. H. Elmendorf; Vice Presidents, W. G. Whitmore, C. H. Searle, I. W. Chappell, Charles Walker and Wm. Foster; Secretary-Treasurer, S. McKelvie

1899-President, C. H. Elmendorf; Vice Presidents, W. G. Wtiitmore, H. A. Talcott, C. H. Wallier and I. W. Chappell; Secretary-Treasurer, H. F. McIntosh

1900-President, C. H. Elmendorf; Vice Presidents, E. H. Andrews, L. L. Young, Col. M. W. Harding and M. M. Coad; Secretary-Treasurer, H. F. McIntosh

1901-President, L. L. Young; Vice Presidents, Phil Unitt, E. B. Day, Col. M. W. Harding and E. Z. Russell; Secretary-Treasurer, H. F. McIntosh

1902-President, W. A. Apperson; Vice Presidents, O. P. Hendershot, Wm. Ernst, Thomas Mortimer and Robert T. Anderson; Secretary-Treasurer, E. Z. Russell

1903-President, Wm. Ernst; Vice Presidents, S. McKelvie, T. A. Geivens, O. P. Hendershot and T. L. Norval; Secretary-Treasurer, E. Z. Russell.

A. L. Haecker, Professor of Dairy Husbandry, Experiment Station, University of Nebraska, since 1896, was born in Iowa in 1872. His boyhood was spent on his father's farm in Wisconsin; graduated from Minnesota School of Agriculture in 1895; during a leave of absence from the University of Nebraska, in 1900, secured degree B. S. A. at Iowa Agricultural College.

William Ernst, President Nebraska Improved Live Stock Breeders' Association, one of Nebraska's most progressive and up-to-date farmers and livestock breeders, came from Germany in 1866, where he was educated for an agriculturist under private instruction. After quitting school he received, at a cost of $250.00 per year, a position at a model farm, to get familiar with manual farm labor, book-keeping, etc. At this place he remained two years, paying $500.00 for the privilege. He next took a two-year course at the Agricultural College at Pattern, Hanover, and at the veterinary school of Dr. Abelman of the same place. After graduating from these, he received a position as volunteer on an estate of the Duke of Mumter, or, in other words, was permitted to hold a very responsible position without pay for two years more. Leaving this place, he received, for the first time, a salary, managing an estate for a rich nobleman, one Her von Lupke. His last work in Germany was the independent managing of a large estate, from which he retired to come to America, which Mr. Ernst pronounces, "The country of my choice; the best country on earth." After coming to America he worked for five years on a farm in Illinois, then came to Nebraska, where he has engaged in farming for himself the past thirty years.

Mr. E. Z. Russell, of Herman, Secretary of the Improved Live Stock Breeders' Association, was born in 1866 near Florence, Neb., from which place he removed with his parents to Omaha in 1877. Attended the public schools, and later was book-keeper with the Standard Oil Co. for five years, which position he resigned in 1888 to engage in farming, which he has followed since. Mr. Russell is an enthusiastic breeder of swine; he takes an active interest in pushing, the livestock organizations, and his energy and ability are well known.

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A Condensed History of Nebraska for fifty years to date, Compiled by Geo. W. Hervey, Editor, and Published by Nebraska Farmer Co., Omaha, Nebraska, 1903.

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