Nebraska Dairymen's Association

The importance of organizing the dairy interests of Nebraska into a state association was first considered at a meeting of the Fine Stock Breeders' Association, held at Lincoln, February 25, 1885, where a few interested dairymen got together and effected an organization by adopting a constitution and by-laws, and the election of officers. S. C. Bassett was elected President, and H. H. Wing, Secretary.

Considerable interest and energy were thrown into the work by the members of the newly organized Association, in securing a large attendance of interested dairymen for the first annual meeting, which was held at Fremont on December 9 and 10, 1885. This meeting was in all respects a great success. It was held in the Opera House, and a large number were present; representatives from almost all counties in the eastern half of the state were present. Addresses were delivered by G. L. Loomis of Fremont, L. S. Coffin of Fort Dodge, Iowa, Robt. W. Furnas of Brownville., J. W. Liveringhouse of Grand Island, W. D. Hoard of Wisconsin, A. T. Smith of Fairbury, D. P. Ashburn of Gibbon, Prof. C. E. Bessey of Lincoln, H. B. Nicodemus of Fremont, W. G. Whitmore of Valley, and W. A. Carpenter of Sutton. Others took an active part in the discussion of topics that the various papers and addresses brought out.

The impetus that this first annual meeting of the State Dairymen's Association gave the organization is responsible in a great measure for the success achieved in later years, and the influence that the Dairy Association holds as a factor in state agricultural organization.

The officers elected at the Fremont convention in 1885 were:

President, J. Dixon Avery, Fremont
Vice President, E. McIntyre, Seward
Secretary and Treasurer, H. H. Wing, Lincoln
Board of Directors, S. C. Bassett, Buffalo county
W. G. Whitmore, Douglas County
O. M. Druse, Lancaster County
H. B. Nicodemus, Dodge County
Vice Presidents, R. W. Furnas, Nemaha County
Allen Root, Douglas County
J. W. Liveringhouse, Hall County
D. P. Ashburn, Buffalo County
D. A. Cowell, Gage County
Davis Richardson, Merrick County
J. O. Chase, Fillmore County
H. H. Brainard, Dodge County
J. J. King, Cuming County
J. B. Dinsmore, Clay County
Thomas Carroll, Adams County
Smith Atkins, Seward County
Henry Fry, York County
J. G. Southwick, Lancaster County

The annual membership started with 70 persons, who were well distributed over the eastern counties of the state, and whose success in some features of the dairy business influenced others to take up the work until now Nebraska stands among the foremost in dairy production.

Professor Wing served as Secretary and Treasurer until his removal from the state, June 13, 1887, at which date S. C. Bassett was by the Board of Directors appointed Secretary and Treasurer, and served continuously until March 31, 1898. F. H. Vaughn was then elected and served during the years 1898 and 1899, when S. C. Bassett was again elected Secretary and Treasurer, and has served from that date to the present time. 1903.

The Presidents elected are as follows:

1886, J. Dixon Avery
1887, W. G. Whitmore
1888, J. W. Liveringhouse
1889, J. C. Merrill
1890, D. P. Ashburn
1891, J. H. Rushton
1892, E. J. Hainer
1893, Wm. Sutton
1894, W. A. Carpenter
1895, B. R. Stouffer
1896, E. F. Howe
1897, F. H. Vaughn
1898, Geo. E. Haskell
1899-1900, John J. King
1901, J. H. Rushton
1902, E. S. Snively
1903, J. K. Honeywell

The present officers of the Association (1903) are: President, J. K. Honeywell, Lincoln; Vice President, J. S. Clark, Jr., Ravenna; Secretary and Treasurer, S. C. Bassett, Gibbon; Directors, B. R. Stouffer, J. C. Merrill, William F. Ulrich, L. D. Stilson and Prof. A. L. Haecker.

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A Condensed History of Nebraska for fifty years to date, Compiled by Geo. W. Hervey, Editor, and Published by Nebraska Farmer Co., Omaha, Nebraska, 1903.

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