Base Hospital No. 49 Personnel

Staff at Allereye
Left to Right: Colonel Mitchell, Major Hull, Major Bridges, Major Steikes, A. E. Shelden

Officers ~ Base Hospital 49

Mitchell, Leopold, Lt. Col. Med. Corps, New Orleans, La.
Stokes, Arthur C, Major, Med. Corps, Omaha, Nebraska.
Hull, Charles A., Major, Med. Corps, Omaha, Nebraska.
Bridges, Edson L., Major, Med. Corps, Omaha, Nebraska.
Patton, James McD., Major, Med. Corps, Omaha, Nebraska.
Potts, John B., Capt. Med. Corps, Omaha, Nebraska.
Moore, John C, Capt. Med. Corps, Omaha, Nebraska.
Chambers, Oliver, Capt. Med. Corps, Rock Springs, Wyoming.
Waddell, James C, Capt. Med. Corps, Pawnee City, Nebraska.
Dishong, Gustave W., Capt. Med. Corps., Omaha, Nebraska.
Rowe, Edward W., Capt. Med. Corps, Lincoln, Nebraska.
Nilsson, John R., Capt. Med Corps, Omaha, Nebraska.
Riggert, Leonard O., Capt. Med. Corps, Norfolk, Nebr.
Olsson, Justus E., Capt. Med. Corps, Lexington, Nebr.
Walker, George H., Capt. Med. Corps, Lincoln, Nebr.
Sinclair, Fayette A., 1st Lt., Med. Corps, Newport News, Virginia.
Greenberg, Abraham, 1st Lt., Med. Corps, Omaha, Nebraska.
Park, Durward B., 1st Lt., Med. Corps, Randolph, Nebraska.
Panter, Robert C, 1st Lt., Med. Corps, Dorchester, Nebraska.
Covey, George W., 1st Lt., Med. Corps, Lincoln, Nebraska.
Flansburg, Harry E., 1st Lt., Med. Corps, Lincoln, Nebraska.
Thomson, James E. M., 1st Lt., Med. Corps, Lincoln, Nebraska.
Simms, John S., 1st Lt., Med. Corps, North Platte, Nebraska.
Breuer, Miles J., 1st Lt., Med. Corps, Lincoln, Nebraska.
Gifford, Sanford R., 1st Lt., Med. Corps, Omaha, Nebraska.
Davis, Edwin G., 1st Lt., Med. Corps, Lincoln, Nebraska.
Sucha, William L., 1st Lt., Med. Corps., Hastings, Nebraska.
Peters, William R., 1st Lt., Med. Corps, Stanton, Nebraska.
Buckley, Fred W., 1st Lt., Med. Corps, Beatrice, Nebraska.
Delaney, William A., 1st Lt., Med. Corps, Mitchell, South Dakota.
Webster, Fred W., 1st Lt., Dental Corps, Lincoln, Nebraska.
Boehler, George M., 1st Lt., Dental Corps, Alma, Nebraska.
Campbell, Joseph L., Sanitary Corps, Northampton, Massachusetts.
McDonald, John W., 1st Lt., Sanitary Corps, Washington, District of Columbia.
Shaffer, Theodore L., 1st Lt., Sanitary Corps, Beatrice, Nebraska.
Machol, Herbert L., 2nd Lt., QMCNA, New Haven, Connecticut.

Enlisted Personnel ~ Base Hospital No. 49

Akeson, James E., Private Icl., Weeping Water, Nebraska.
Alkire, Irvan D., Cook, Omaha, Nebraska.
Almquist, Carl O. G., Private let, Loomis, Nebraska.
Anderson, Oscar B., Private Icl., Lincoln, Nebraska.
Anderson, Paul F., Private Icl., Lincoln, Nebraska.
Arendt, Daniel C, Sergt., Lincoln, Nebraska.
Arkin, Julius, Private Icl., Omaha, Nebraska.
Arnold, Edward S., Private Icl., Omaha, Nebraska.
Austin, Jack W., Private Icl., Omaha, Nebraska.

Baca, Harold W., Private Icl., Tulare, California.
Barbati, Philip, Private, Keota, Missouri.
Bastain, Henry E., Private Icl., Omaha, Nebraska.
Bauer, Peter L., Private Icl., Scribner, Nebraska.
Bettencourt, Joseph L., Cook, Reno, Nevada.
Bierman, Edward A., Sergt, Omaha, Nebraska.
Black, Benjamin H., Private, Chicago, Illinois.
Blair, Peter J., Private Icl., Mondamin, Iowa.
Blome, Ernest R., Private Icl., Fremont, Nebraska.
Bowen, Charles R., Private, Columbus, Nebraska.
Bramon, Marcus D., Jr., Private, Omaha, Nebraska.
Brennan, Thomas J., Private, O'Neill, Nebraska.
Brown, Jesse P., Private, Lincoln, Nebraska.
Brown, Joe R., Barber, Wahoo, Nebraska.
Buffington, George M., Private Icl., Omaha, Nebraska.
Bullock, Willard E., Cook, York, Nebraska.
Burley, Robert O., Private let, Chicago, Illinois.
Burnham, Phillip S., Private Icl., Lincoln, Nebraska.

Carlson, Carl, Private, Gillette, Wyoming.
Conner, Paul, Private Icl., Stratton, Nebraska.
Connolly, Charles R., Private, Omaha, Nebraska.
Connolly, James J., Private Icl., Omaha, Nebraska.
Conrad, Paul E., Private Icl., Sabetha, Kansas.
Copeland, Harold T., Private Icl., Beaver City, Nebraska.
Creutz, Fred J., Corporal, Wausa, Nebraska.
Czeslawski, Casimer, Private, Chicago, Illinois.

Dally, Mike H., Private Icl., Omaha, Nebraska.
Dana, Irving R., Private, Lincoln, Nebraska.
Daugherty, James, Corporal, Pawnee City, Nebraska.
Davies, Stanley B., Private Icl., Omaha, Nebraska.
Davison, Almond D., Private Icl., Dorchester, Nebraska.
Dillon, Edward M., Private Icl., Perry, Iowa.
Drake, Marlin K., Private Icl., Lincoln, Nebraska.
Driver, George D., Private Icl., Battle Creek, Iowa.

Ericksen, Edward M., Private Icl., Omaha, Nebraska.

Falck, Paulus F., Private Icl., Lincoln, Nebraska.
Fanton, Herschel A., Cook, Lincoln, Nebraska.
Finch, Walter M., Sergt, Omaha, Nebraska.
Fitzgerald, Roger, Private Icl., Omaha, Nebraska.
Fluhr, Robert, Private Icl., Omaha, Nebraska.
Frew, James V., Private Icl., Hiteman, Iowa.
Fuchs, Gustave O., Private Icl., Stanton, Nebraska.
Fuller, Edgar M., Private, Omaha, Nebraska.
Fuller, Marlin H., Sergt, Omaha, Nebraska.

Garlow, Samuel A., Sergt., Avoca, Iowa.
Garrison, Everett J., Sergt., Summerfield, Kansas.
Goddin Gilbert W., Private Icl., Richmond, Virginia.
Grant, Richard S., Private Icl., Beatrice, Nebraska.
Graper, Frank, Private, Chicago, Illinois.
Gronstal, Knute S., Sergt., Omaha, Nebraska.

Hardy, William E., Private Icl., Lodgepole, Nebraska.
Harrington, Lewis A., Private Icl., Lincoln, Nebraska.
Hauser, Byron T., Private Icl., Hooper, Nebraska.
Hazen, John T., Sergt., Omaha, Nebraska.
Henning, G. Russell, Private Icl., Omaha, Nebraska.
Herbert, Walter M., Private, Lincoln, Nebraska.
Hervey, David S., Private, Omaha, Nebraska.
Higgins, John M., Private, Omaha, Nebraska.
Hoffman, Paul, Private Icl., Asbury, New Jersey.
Hoffman, Wayne W., Private, Omaha, Nebraska.
Housh, Charles R., Private Icl., Harrah, Oklahoma.
Hrbek, Cyril J., Private, Lincoln, Nebraska.
Hull, Everett B., Private, Omaha, Nebraska.
Hunt, Loren E., Private Icl., Rock Rapids, Iowa.
Hunter, James D., Private Icl., Omaha, Nebraska.

James, Louis A., Private, Omaha, Nebraska.
Jewett, Lawrence B., Private Icl., Lodgepole, Nebraska.
Jindrich, George W., Corporal, Chicago, Illinois.
Johnson, Carl A., Corporal, Omaha, Nebraska.
Johnson, Julius, Corporal, College View, Nebraska.
Johnson, Leland A., Private Icl., Omaha, Nebraska.
Johnson, Myron V., Private, Lincoln, Nebraska.
Jorgensen, William A., Hosp. Sergt, Omaha, Nebraska
Judgenson, Nohne C, Private Icl., Belleview, Nebraska.
Jungclaus, William N., Private Icl., Omaha, Nebraska.

Kantor, Dominik B., Private Icl., Loma, Nebraska.
Kenney, James, Private, Chicago, Illinois.
Kerlin, Lloyd W., Sergt., Fremont, Nebraska.
Kirschenbaum, Jacob, Private, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Kocum, Joseph, Cook, Omaha, Nebraska.
Koehler, Albert, Cook, Omaha, Nebraska.
Kohn, Frank, Private Icl., Beaver City, Nebraska.
Korach, Leo, Private Icl., Chicago, Illinois.
Kraybill, Harold M., Private Icl., Abilene, Kansas.
Kring, Orlen A., Private Icl., Omaha, Nebraska.
Kuebler, Leon A., Sergt., Lincoln, Nebraska.

Lang. Mathew S., Private, San Francisco, California.
Lawrie, Mason C, Private Icl., Pawnee City, Nebraska.
Lesh, Charles W., Private Icl., Lincoln, Nebraska.
Levy, Ike, Sergt. Icl., Omaha, Nebraska.
Lewis, Carl A., Private, Omaha, Nebraska.
Little, Ralph B., Private Icl., Omaha, Nebraska.
Loomis, Gilbert C, Private Icl., Omaha, Nebraska.
Loomis, Maurice, M., Private Icl., Omaha, Nebraska.
Loomis, Waiter P., Sergt, Denver, Colorado.
Lundholm, Martin C. O., Private, Lincoln, Nebraska.

McCall, Henry B., Private Icl., Omaha, Nebraska.
McClintick, Howard B., Private Icl., Albion, Nebraska.
McFayden, Grant L., Sergt. Icl., Omaha, Nebraska.
McGrath, Matthew P., Private, Omaha, Nebraska.
McKellips, Ward, Cook, Albion, Nebraska.
McMillian, John H., Private Icl., Hunnewell, Missouri.
McNamara, Gerald A., Private, Omaha, Nebraska.

Meadows, James W., Private Icl., Fremont, Nebraska.
Meduna, Lloyd R., Private Icl., Wahoo, Nebraska.
Micek, Joseph P., Sergt. Icl., Omaha, Nebraska.
Minikus, Edward, Private, Omaha, Nebraska.
Morey. Claris B., Private Icl., College View, Nebraska.
Morris, George E., Private Icl., Omaha, Nebraska.
Moylan, Joseph, Private, Chicago, Illinois.
Munger, Alfred C, Private Icl., Omaha, Nebraska.

Neal, John D., Private Icl., Omaha, Nebraska.
Nelson, Jesse W., Private Icl., Plainview, Nebraska.
Newcomb, Arthur P., Private Icl., Indianola, Iowa.
Newman, Julius, Private, Omaha, Nebraska.
Nicholson, Clyde G., Private Icl., Omaha, Nebraska.
Nilson, Gustave, Private Icl., Omaha, Nebraska.
Nystom, Harry R., Private Icl., Omaha, Nebraska.

O'Connell, John L., Sergt., Omaha, Nebraska.
Olson, Fred, Private Icl., Denver, Colorado.
Ostertag, Frank S., Private Icl., Lincoln, Nebraska.
Otoupalik, Hugo M., Sergt. Icl. David City, Nebraska.

Patterson, Chester L., Sergt. Icl., Beatrice, Nebraska.
Peace, Charles P., Private Icl., Omaha, Nebraska.
Peterson, Alvin A., Private Icl., Lyons, Nebraska.
Peterson, Royal F., Private, Omaha, Nebraska.
Peterson, Victor E., Sergt., Valley, Nebraska.
Pierce, Russell K., Private, Fremont, Nebraska.
Potter, Laird I., Cook, Red Cloud, Nebraska.
Prouty, Edgar L., Private Icl., Alvo, Nebraska.
Purcupile, Benjamin H., Private, Omaha, Nebraska.

Rathke, Carl A., Cook, Omaha, Nebraska.
Redelfs, Lammert H., Corporal, Lincoln, Nebraska.
Redfels, John W., Private Icl., Lincoln, Nebraska.
Reed, Sanford P., Private Icl., Weeping Water, Nebraska.
Reese, Alfred L., Private Icl., Randolph, Nebraska.
Remillard, Louis O., Private, Omaha, Nebraska.
Reus, John, Private, Chicago, Illinois.
Rhodes, Frank V., Private, Omaha, Nebraska.
Roberts, Harry W., Private, Omaha, Nebraska.
Robinson, Richard, Private, Omaha, Nebraska.
Rolhff, Oscar B., Cook, Omaha, Nebraska.
Root, Ralph R., Private Icl., Omaha, Nebraska.
Rubin, Lewis A., Private Icl., Omaha, Nebraska.
Ruth, Gordon A., Private Icl., Holdrege, Nebraska.
Rutherford, Charles, Private Icl., Aurora, Nebraska.

Sanders, Frank B., Sergt., Omaha, Nebraska.
Sauer, Leslie E., Private Icl., Strang, Nebraska.
Schlosser, Cecil T., Private Icl., South Wayne, Wisconsin.
Schmidt, Henry J., Private Icl., Omaha, Nebraska.
Scott, Wallace M., Private, Stromsburg, Nebraska.
Sherman, Rollin C, Private Icl., Omaha, Nebraska.
Shirey, Ralph W., Private, Daykin, Nebraska.
Sickinger, Charles E., Private, Chicago, Illinois.
Simanek, Edward J., Private Icl., Prague, Nebraska.
Smith, Carl W., Private Icl., Weeping Water, Nebraska.
Smith, Vern, Corporal, Omaha, Nebraska.
Spearman, Harry H., Sergt, Evanston, Illinois.
Spiegel, Emil R., Private, Chicago, Illinois.
Starkey, Roy D., Private, Wheeling, West Virginia.
Steavenson, Leigh C, Private Icl., Omaha, Nebraska.
Stellate, Martin J., Cook, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Stevenson, Waldo W., Sergt., Broken Bow, Nebraska.
Stocktill, Henry B., Private Icl., Washington, Deleware.
Storz, Louis N., Sergt. Icl, Omaha, Nebraska.
Swanbom, Alarac R., Private, Wahoo, Nebraska.
Swanson, Myrl R., Sergt. Icl., Lincoln, Nebraska.

Tanner, Howard H., Corporal, Price, Utah.
Truelson, Emil E., Private Icl., Omaha, Nebraska.

Vanderpool, Merrill M., Corporal, Lincoln, Nebraska.

Wandborg, Carl M., Private Icl., Omaha, Nebraska.
Warshawsky, Morris M., Private Icl., Omaha, Nebraska.
Way, Chester F., Private, College View, Nebraska.
Webb, Walter E., Private Icl., Table Rock, Nebraska.
Wegner, Andrew J., Private, Chicago, Illinois.
Werner, Walter A., Adams, Wisconsin.
Wertman, Willard L., Private Icl., Milford, Nebraska.
Wetherby, Harlow F., Private Icl., Lincoln, Nebraska.
White, Robert M., Sergt., Lincoln, Nebraska.
Withrow, Taylor N., Sergt. Icl. Lincoln, Nebraska.
Wohlner, Paul, Private, Omaha, Nebraska.
Worley, Ivan H., Private, Lincoln, Nebraska.
Worrall, Lowell D., Private, Wahoo, Nebraska.
Wright, James H., Cook, Fremont, Nebraska.

Yard, Wilbur M., Private Icl., Omaha, Nebraska.

Zeiger, Alfred G., Private, Omaha, Nebraska.

Nursing Personnel ~ Base Hospital No. 49

Ida L. Gerding, Chief Nurse, 2403 Patee Street, St. Joseph, Missouri.
Albrecht, Lillian, Morgan, Minnesota.
Albrecht, Florence M., 406 South 11th Street, Beatrice, Nebraska.
Amgwert, Anna, Murdock, Nebraska.
Anderson, Sadie L., Pequot, Minnesota.
Andrews, Katherine B., 996 Albermarle Street, St. Paul, Minnesota.
Anson, Bessie M., 2122 Locust Street, Omaha, Nebraska.
Arthur, Beatrice E., Norfolk, Nebraska.

Baker, Clare, Dwight, Illinois.
Banwell, Edith, "Oakdale Farm", Fort Dodge, Iowa.
Batie, Lelia E., Ord, Nebraska.
Beachly, V. Belle, R. R. No. 4, Box 228, Lincoln, Nebraska.
Bixby, Alice M., College View, Nebraska.
Blome, Emma A., 627 E. 2nd Street, Fremont, Nebraska.
Blomberg, Mabel C, 1616 12 Ave., Moline, Illinois.
Brandt, Thyra L., Omaha, Nebraska.
Brannian, Edith M., Randolph, Iowa.
Braun, Josephine C, Humphrey, Nebraska.
Braun, Minnie K., Humphrey, Nebraska.
Brecks, Ida A., Arapahoe, Nebraska.
Brenenstall, Harriet M., Creighton, Nebraska.
Brown, Mildred I., Orient, Iowa.
Budler, Marie T., Hampton, Nebraska.

Chamberlain, Josephine, No. 7 Troy Apts., Omaha, Nebraska
Chalmers, Mary, 131 Rosebank Street, Dundee, Scotland (enlisted at Winston Salem, North Carolina).
Chapin, Mildred, Columbus, Nebraska.
Champney, Cecile R., Fremont, Nebraska.
Cherry, Juliet E., Diller, Nebraska.
Conway, Margaret F., 3339 North 20th Street, Philadelphia, Pa
Conley, Anna M., Broken Bow, Nebraska.
Crouse, Clara, Thompson, Nebraska.
Crowell, Eva L., Walthill, Nebraska.
Culp, Pearl R., 3125 E Street, Lincoln, Nebraska.

Dickinson, Edna O., 144 South 29th St., Lincoln, Nebraska.
Dill, Alberta E., Blue Springs, Nebraska.
Doege, Martha C, Titonka, Iowa.
Duguay, Emma M., Washburn, Wisconsin.

Eckstrom, Mabel, Newman Grove, Nebraska.
Edgecumbe, Florence E., Salix, Iowa.
Ellison, Irena M., Route No. 1, Geneva, Nebraska.
Elliott, May, Elwood, Nebraska.

Fleetwood, Hilda C, Wakefield, Nebraska.

Glammeier, Carolyn A., 815 West Summit Ave., Shenandoah, Iowa.

Hammerland, Myrtle H., Box 28, West Point, Nebraska.
Hawk, Nell E., Ida Grove, Iowa.

Jamison, Sarah E., Butte, Nebraska.
Johnson, Emily A., Box 431, Oakland, Nebraska.
Johnson, Ellen Marie, Broken Bow, Nebraska.
Johnson, Huldah D., Mead, Nebraska.
Johnson, Lillian R., 1689 E. 9th Street, Portland, Oregon.

Kalal, Elizabeth, Burke, South Dakota.
Kavon, E. Georgia, Wahoo, Nebraska.
Kolle, Carrie May, Florence, Nebraska.
Krausnick, Martha M., Lincoln, Nebraska.

Larson, Pearl W., Maple City, Michigan.
Lindstedt, Hildegard, Havelock, Nebraska.
Lippincott, Maybelle, Niwot, Colorado.

MacLaughlan, Mildred, 654 School Street, Lowell, Massachusetts.
MacRae, Gertrude B., Bangor, Maine.
McKinnon, Nellie H., Ashtabula, Ohio.
McKay, Mary Coball, Ontario, Canada.
Mang, Lillian M., 424 First Street, Albany, New York.
Marshall, Mary Jane, Benkleman, Nebraska.
Martin, Selma M., Oakland, Nebraska.
Meiklejohn, Pearle, 2229 7th Ave., Council Bluffs, Iowa.
Morisette, Mayo G., 628 Grant Street, Wausau, Wisconsin.
Murray, Ethel, Lexington, Nebraska.

Nasstrom, Anna C, Fremont, Nebraska.
Nicholson, Martha, Sebright, Ontario, Canada.

Oliver, Margaret E., Elroy, Wisconsin.
Olson, Lilly, Rock Springs, Wyoming.
O'Malley, Mollie, Omaha, Nebraska.

Polansky, Bess, Clarkson, Nebraska.
Pugh, Elizabeth, Scofield, Utah.

Quist, Esther, Gothenburg, Nebraska.

Rogers, Eva M., Ord, Nebraska.
Roggensees, Anna L., Holbrook, Nebraska.
Rudat, Emma H., North Platte, Nebraska.

Sandman, Elizabeth H., 1403 H Street, Fairbury, Nebraska.
Schurman, Alma L., Scribner, Nebraska.
Sconce, Ethel M., Hoyt, Kansas.
Sheibley, Anna I., 915 West 2nd Street, Grand Island, Nebraska.
Seeck, Elfrieda L., Brunswick, Nebraska.
Schreiber, Orma A., Alma, Wisconsin.
Shepard, S. Julia, Alexandria, Minnesota.
Smart, Nellie Hunt, World Herald Bldg., Omaha, Nebraska.
Smith, Jessie, 1406 North Broad Street, Fremont, Nebraska.
Smith, Zella A., Roca, Nebraska.
Sullivan, Minnie M., Grace, Idaho.
Svitak, Emma L., Chapman, Nebraska.

Thode, Martina C, 777 Scott Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Vance, Evangelyne F., Exeter, Nebraska.

Wagner, Maybelle, Virgil, Kansas.
Weller, Hedwig, 1916 South 32nd Avenue, Omaha, Nebraska.
Westerdahl, Viva E., Fulda, Minnesota.
Wilkinson, Grace E., Cedar Bluffs, Nebraska.
Windmeyer, Connie, Naper, Nebraska.
Wishart, Irene L., 92 Avenue Road, Toronto, Canada.
Wooster Dorothy, Silver Creek, Nebraska.
Wright, Ethel M., Belt, Montana.

Civilians - Base Hospital 49

Jess, Irene H., 2722 Howard Street, Omaha, Nebraska.
Naukhtin, Patricia L., 5017 Davenport Street, Omaha Nebraska,
O'Sullivan, Eva F., 4800 Lindale Ave., Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Rusland, Muriel, Omaha, Nebraska.

Nebraska AHGP

Source: Nebraska History and Record of Pioneer Days, Volume I, Number 1, Published Monthly by the Nebraska Historical Society, February 1918.

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